Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  By Carl
He wore a plaid shirt opened half way down his chest, sunglasses, blue jeans and construction boots. Of course my eyes went straight to the impressive bulge at his crotch, and I wished I could tell where his own gaze was going from behind those dark glasses as I gave him a strong cruise before going into the baths.
The new bath house on the Lower West Side is situated in an area with light industry. That means there are plenty of rigs with the humpy truckers that drive them, and this guy, although his truck was a small pickup, was no exception. He looked like some sort of repairman with a hammer and a set of tools hanging down from his belt.
In the baths, after quickly paying for my locker, I stripped and headed for the weight room. As I went through my pat routine of exercises with the barbells, my thoughts remained riveted to the trucker or repairman or just plain stud, whatever the hell he was, I had seen minutes earlier. He was the sort of thing homoerotic dreams were made of, and I longed to have such a fanciful lust/love affair become a torrid reality.
Finishing with my workout, my body hot and sweaty, I made for the sauna. I'm not usually a modest guy but for some reason kept a towel wrapped around my midsection. Otherwise I was naked. For another strange reason, I noticed that my hand was trembling slightly as I reached for the door to the sauna. As I flung it open and stepped inside, I caught my breath at what lay before me. Naked except for a jock strap, he lay looking back at me with deep brown eyes, one hand at his side, the other barely caressing the pouch of his jock. Somehow the first special detail I notice are the thick tufts of hair at his armpits, then that his shoulders are broader and more powerful than I might have expected. His firm, full chest, glistening with sweat, pectoral muscles capped with rigid nipples, capture my gaze. Below the bulge of those imposing pectorals, hairless flesh flows down over his ribcage, over his navel and across the muscled rise of his firm stomach.
I sit and watch in fascination as he rises slowly, stretches luxuriously and strips away his jock. He lies down again and I continue to stare in awesome worship of this Adonis. A blondish-brown, light bush surmounting the treasure of two full and heavy balls dangling in their big sac slide across one thigh toward me, and a thick slab of still soft man meat is astride it all, its uncut cockhead pointing downward to between the stranger/god' s long, powerful, almost hairless legs.
I gasp with pleasure at the mere sight of him, and I hear his breath jump a beat. I feel the muscle in my groin stir the shaft of my cock, and my towel falls aside, the hot air flowing over my now exposed genitals. At the same time, I see a pulse awaken in his tool, a stirring from beneath that sparse mass of pale hairs. He moans with pleasure, and I can now see a swelling in his heavy meat, a pulsating thickening of that bulk of cock as it bulges out across those tantalizing thighs. My balls lift as my cock jerks forward in a spasm of desire. The stranger's rod, now growing bulbous, lurches to the side, toward me, and across the double sac of balls that begin to lift and tighten upward toward his dick. His breathing is strong and deep. My towel slips to the floor of the sauna, and my shaft continues its upward movement, pointing now directly forward and out; naked and toward the warm smelling object of its lust.
Lying sideways, the man's bulging dick pulses with spasms. Then, in a jerk, it lolls over to expose the fleshy pink undershaft as the heavy foreskin is drawn back. Next, it swings slowly upward, grazing that beautiful hairless stomach to settle across the smooth, hard flesh. The cock is now long and stiff, the veins pounding, the head purple and tumescent. But in a few jerks more, still untouched by its master's hands, the magnificent rod bounds still further upward, so engorged now that it stands proudly in the air, pulsating, glistening with sweat, stretched, an erect thick shaft of hard man meat, so stiff that the top curves back slightly toward the stud's heaving belly. The furry balls become one heavy mass of highly charged maleness pulled up and forward by the strength of his hot and throbbing hard on.
His thick breathing becomes soft low moans as I go to him, my cock standing stiff and hungry, swaying from side to side with my stride. I slip my hand between those naked thighs and bend down toward him. I feel light hairs brush across my eyes and face. My mouth watering, I lick the sac of his balls, savoring a powerful jock taste. Then I slide my thick, meaty tongue along the stiff, hot shaft. He moans deeply, and his equally eager cock pulses forward to meet my famished mouth. I kiss the exposed cockhead and run my tongue around the man shaft, at last sucking the tip with my wet, drooling lips. His moans of ecstasy increase as I begin to work his warm hunk with my lips and mouth, and, at last, I slide the length of his ramrod all the way into my mouth. I have never had such a mouthful of sweet, throbbing male meat. It is the food of the gods, and I suck it more and more fully with each downward thrust, taking it deep within my body.
Reluctantly, I pull away and start to kiss and lick his charged body. First the inner thighs, taut with muscles his heaving body is tasted, up to his navel, then to his breasts. I suck his standing tits. I lick the musky hair of his armpits and kiss his underarms. I run my tongue the length of his shoulder up to his throat where I can feel the slight sandpaper stretch of his strong jaw where he has shaved. Everywhere, the delicious taste and aroma of sweat; the sauna has made our bodies explode with sweat and contact with one another has made us erupt with lust. I care nothing if someone else comes in and sees us. That's only a vague thought somewhere deep in the back of my mind.
I graze his moustache and then his lips with my tongue. Our mouths hesitate, play back and forth, and then meet full on. Our tongues thrust out to each other, and he pulls mine in between his hot wet lips and hungrily sucks on it, licks it, laps it, eats it deep within his mouth.
Still enraptured by the fury of his kiss, I stretch out across his hot torso. I feel the stiffness of my cock against his, our balls touch, the hairs of our bushes intertwine. He wraps his strong legs around my own, grabbing my ass with those strong hands, rubbing his pounding dick against mine and jamming his warm slab of tongue deep into my mouth. We are hungry, eager, hot, and our bodies writhe against each other with the blazing heat of our sex and lust and the inferno of the sauna. Our legs rub together, slipping and sliding, our chests noisy with moisture as we enfold each other.
I rise and straddle his shoulders, sitting on the silkiness of his pectorals, and lift my throbbing cock toward his mouth. He takes one ball, then both between his eager lips and eats them happily. "Feed me your piece of meat, man," he says, startling me with the rich deepness of his voice. At first he licks the tip and kisses it, then grabs the head with expert lips and slides back and forth, up and down on my prick. I groan with delight at the force that thrusts through my cock and balls. He pulls me to him. I push the shaft of my hot meat deep into his mouth and throat and feel his lips sucking all the way down to the base, meeting my hairy groin. My quivering balls and asshole rub across his heaving chest as he sucks my blood filled tool. I dribble a warm, soft dose of pre-cum down his hungry throat, easy and sticky. He sucks like a madman to get every drop of the liquid.
Then we shift with his ass on my chest, his hairy thighs wrap around my face and he rubs his steamy prick against my forehead. I suck his tight balls, first one, then the other, then, with difficulty, both. With that double sac of maleness in my mouth, I feel the swirling hair of his pubic bush along my chin, up my cheeks, and the shaft of his great cock across my eyes and eyebrows. I release his balls and tongue the swollen purple tip of his man shaft and lick a long, hot white drop that oozes from the love-slit. His breath is becoming labored. I lift his tight firm ass up and forward toward me and jam his male hunk down my open throat.
Then I let myself go and suck his cock for all its worth. He works it in and out, growling with each thrust, fucking my mouth and throat, deeper and harder and faster with every hot cock jam. His massive ball sac beats against my chin, his stomach crashing against my face with every jab. The taste of the meat of his organ drives me wild, and I feel a weight stir in the base of my balls, a swelling load ready for its hot trip upward through my own fuck stick. As this love god bends his force into my mouth, my cock stands free behind his heaving back, and I stroke my balls between undulating thighs. Faster and faster as he rides me, overcome with sensuality, I suck on that clamoring shaft of hot, wet meat. It fills my starving mouth while my growing cock load is starting to boil in my nuts.
He moans loudly. "I'm gonna cum!" he yells, and his burst of energy spills through my frame, down into my belly and into my hot groin. I feel the juice of my man-force bulge into the base of my cock, poised to gush out between my loins. A surge of cum charges into the rod of my stiff cock, and as my dick thrusts forward, all my male-power fills it, rams through it. My hot maleness shoots up and out, jumping, splashing long hot waves of strong cum that is flung across this man's broad, heaving back. The white load pours down over his ass and drips onto my sweaty crotch. Both of us cry out with our outbursting flow of jism, our balls lurching up to release the last of the creamy lust-juice. Our man shafts wrench with the pounding splash of surging cum as two charged males become as one.
When it is over, he settles back, his ass wet and sticky and my cum resting on my stomach and groin. My relaxing cock leans into the slot between his buttocks. His prick, still tall, wet and dripping onto my chest, continues to stream a thin string of jism. We stare into our eyes, breathing together, heavy and hard. Once again I am thrilled by the heavy bass voice. "Oh, God, man!" he cries. "I've got another damned load! I can't believe it! Suck it man! Drink me!" He rams his still excited meat-shaft into my throat and instantly sprays a second boiling dose of his sperm down my throat. My dick lurches up again at the odd power of this man and bounds forward, stiffening, hungering again as his had done. He pulls his wet cock from my mouth and it flops onto my chest. He breathes heavily, seems to calm, to relax a bit. Then I hear a long, low moan from deep inside his bowels, and I watch as he bends his chest and shoulders back, eyes closed in ecstasy. Out from the tip of that male-stick on my chest charges yet another long, hot, white, ropey river of man juice. Then another and another, gushing all over my chest and nipples and slipping streams down into the tufts of my armpits and onto the wood of the sauna platform. My prick goes wild and shoots rockets of cum up the back of my partner, over his shoulder and splattering down his smooth chest. My blazing load slides all the way down into the bushiness of his lower belly.
We slip and slide all over each other, relishing the wet stickiness of our cum as he stretches full length upon my body. We lie until our breaths calm, arms and legs intertwining, wet shafts throbbing finally to rest. I drift into a much needed sleep, completely drained by my multiple orgasm, images of this living classic sculpture filling my dreams as the intense hotness of the sauna lulls me into an even deeper sleep. When I awake at last, I am alone. I have no idea how long I have slept or, for a moment, how much of what had happened was a reality.
Everything becomes clear when I dress and leave the sauna and see my Adonis leaning against the truck as before. I accept his offer for a ride home.
Our home.

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