Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Electric Fan

   His name was Greg and I met him the beginning of my freshman year of
college. We were both attending the university on athletic scholarships,
he for soccer and me for football, and we wound up being roommates. The
  athletes started school a few weeks before the rest of the students in
order to get our orientation out of the way and get a jump on practice.
Most of the dorms weren't ready to be opened so we jocks were stuck in some
of the oldest dormitories on the campus temporarily, until the official
start of the semester when we'd be assigned to our permanent rooms. Greg
and I wound up sharing this tiny room in the attic of McDonald Hall, barely
the size of a walk-in closet. To reach it was four flights of stairs, then
through a heavy oak door and down a long, thin corridor to a narrow flight
of steep steps that ended on the threshold of our room. There was no other
door, just the opening to the stairs, and it faced directly out the dormer
window. At either side of the room were small closets and the room itself
was furnished with two small beds, two desks, two lamps, etc. It was the
third week of August and the old dorm wasn't air conditioned so it was
unbearably hot in that cubby hole but, somehow, it seemed wonderful all the

  Greg arrived after I did, well into the evening hours. He appeared at the
top of the stairs clad only in a pair of tight athletic shorts and his
sneakers, loaded down with his suitcases and stuff. He took my breath away!
He was shorter than me at 5 foot eight. A beautiful Italian boy with dark
olive skin and way more upper body development than you see on your average
soccer head. He had dark brown eyes and long black hair that continued to
all the right places of his body. There was a smattering of it nestled
between his massive pecs and twin forests of it occupied his arm pits. A
thin trail of it traversed the rolling hills of his abs into that tight
pair of shorts only to burst into glorious view again as a generous
covering to his powerful legs. His face was graced with a heavy shadow that
I guessed he shaved twice a day and a beautiful smile of the whitest
teeth. He was gorgeous and I made up my mind on the spot that I would bed
this hot stud, somehow.

  I quickly helped him stow his gear and led him to the university watering
hole where we spent the night drinking and getting to know one another. By
the time we returned to our room (now christened "The Oven") we were fast
friends. That night before we turned in we made plans to acquire an
electric fan. That wasn't the only plan that began forming in my mind.
  Four days passed. We had acquired the fan and had positioned it on the
windowsill to blow the cool evening air on us in the night. In order to
accomplish this the fan had to be set to swing back and forth, meaning that
it only blew on you part of the time. You'd get a cooling gust of air but
then you'd swelter until the relief swung back in your direction. Still, it
was better than nothing and we could only afford one fan. Greg and I
returned that evening at about the same time. We'd been hanging out with
our respective teammates, building those bonds that make good teams. I
watched him as he stripped his sweaty clothes from that hot body and
decided that tonight I'd make my move. It was time for phase one of my
  "I'm gonna take a cold shower and then get in front of the fan!", I
  Greg agreed that that would be a good idea and followed my lead. When we
returned to the room I suggested that if we both pushed our beds together
in the center of the room then we'd be able to feel the fan all the
time. Greg thought that this was a marvelous idea and we slid our cots to
the center of the floor and locked the fan in place so it would blow on
them constantly. Things were coming together for me nicely!
  Then Greg came up with a suggestion that blew me away!
  "you know," he said, "it'd feel great to just lay here without my shorts
on. D'ya mind?"

  I couldn't believe my ears. This was fantastic!
  "Mind?", I said, "I'm gonna join you!"
  With that we stripped off our towels and jumped into bed. Greg assumed a
spread eagle position and sighed out loud, commenting that it did indeed
feel great.  His magnificent body was now within arm's reach and it's
proximity to mine had the effect I intended. My cock began to stiffen and
grow until it reached it's full glory!! eight plus inches of thick
throbbing man-meat!
  "You think it feels good for you? Check this out!" I declared drawing his
attention to my mighty boner.
  Greg's eyes widened as he took in my magnificence and I proudly pushed it
forward to better display it's length.
  "Wow!", he exclaimed, "You've sure got a big dick!"
  I glanced anxiously towards my companion's crotch. Sure enough his cock
was growing, pushing out and upward until it rested on his belly, fully
extended. My mind began to race! He was nearly as big as I was, much
thicker and uncircumcised! I felt triumphant! I knew that he was mine! I
couldn't wait to get my hands on that hot italian cock but I had to play it
cool for now.
  "Damn, Greg, I think yours is bigger than mine", I told him.
  "No way", he retorted.
  This was it, the moment of truth. We'd gone as far as we could go and
still pretend to be innocent of what was going on. I knew my next move
would either take us both to ecstasy or break our newfound friendship.
I smiled casually and reached over to his lap, wrapping my hand around his
solid groin rocket. It was as hard as steel!
  "Naw yours feels way bigger than mine, man."
  Greg looked at me and smiled that beautiful smile. "No way", he said
again and grabbed my prick. You feel bigger to me."

  Slowly we began jacking each others cocks in unison. Greg looked at me and
I him.
"Looks like we got a circle jerk.", he whispered. I agreed. Greg lay his
head back on his pillows and began to let himself yield to the pleasure I
was bringing him. I was revealing in this hot stud's meat! It literally
filled my hand to my finertips. Where some of the other big cocks I'd
encountered seemed to stay semi-soft his was as hard as a rock! It rose
proud and tall from a thick dark mat of the blackest hair. I'd never had an
  uncircumcisedcock before and so I spent several minutes just playing with
the foreskin, first sheathing, then unsheathing his rigid member. Soon Greg
began moaning and jacking my dick much harder and I knew it was time to take
us to the next level!
  Without warning I pulled out of his grip and plunged my mouth over his
throbbing meat! Greg let out a gasp of surprise and grabbed my head with
both hands. At first he tried to half-halfheartedly push my head away, but when
I started the suction works he responded by pushing in the other direction!
Up and down his steely shaft I swooped, bathing it in spit. Greg was
moaning loudly now and whispering my name softly!! I'd done it! This stud
was all mine! I sucked his manly balls into my mouth. It sent him into
orbit! So my little Italian stud likes his balls played with? I wondered
what else he liked. Finally Greg gripped my head in earnest and began to
piston his fantastic cock into my mouth. That was my cue.
  I pulled away again and straddled his broad chest positioning my aching
prick in his face.

"You're turn to suck me!", I announced.
  As turned on as I knew he was Greg still seemed a little hesitant.
  "Suck me off and I'll let you fuck my ass.", I offered. (Little did he
know his sweet bubble ass was gonna be ridin my eight incher soon!) He
smiled and immediately took my hot dick in his mouth and began to suck it
devotedly. I propped his head up with our pillows so he could service me
with ease and delightedly watched as my engorged member entered and exited
his handsome face at a rapid pace. This was my time and I abandoned myself
to it completely now.
  Greg was a surprisingly accomplished cocksucker and it crossed my
lust-fevered mind that he was probably no stranger to manly love, just like
80% of the other jocks I knew. He teased my piss slit with his tongue and
then swirled it around and around my bulbous head. To my delight my nuts
received special attention. He licked, kissed and sucked them both and even
tried unsuccessfully to get them in his mouth at the same time. Finally he
returned to my cock and really got down to business, sucking as hard as he
could while I thrust it frantically into his hot mouth.  "I'm coming!" I
gasped as the first jets rocked the back of his throat. Wouldn't you know
Greg just held on and took my steamy load, swallowing every drop.
  I fell back on the beds, spent from my blowjob.
  "Now it's my turn!" Greg leered and positioned himself on top of me with
his dick in my face.
  "Get me hard!", he commanded.

  I slipped his now soft prick back into my mouth and began to nurse it
back to it's former glory. Meanwhile, he busied himself with my ass. While
I licked and sucked that uncut prize he was spitting on my asshole and
working it in with his fingers. First one, then two, then three found it's
way into my pleasure canal and it became apparent that Greg wasn't going to
be satisfied until my ass-crack and touch-hole were soaked! As for me, the
twin pleasures of sucking a hot cock and getting my ass probed already had
my spent dick stirring and I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be ready
to give my little stud round two.
  Finally Greg was satisfied that my ass was ready for his penetration. I
had his cock as hard as ever so he pulled it from my mouth and positioned
himself at my asshole, throwing my legs over his shoulders.
  "Here it comes stud", he growled as he placed his dripping head at my
pucker and then plunged his rock hard member deep inside! Now it was my
turn to gasp! Even with the ass-play my guts just weren't prepared to take
this steely ramrod's brutal assault! I was groaning loudly as my athletic
lover pushed my knees to my chest and began to plow my overstretched
sphincter in a frantic quest to achieve the orgasm I'd denied him
earlier. What a man! As my tortured butt slowly began to acclimate itself
to it's new role as fuckhole I moved my hand over his arms and chest,
feeling the soft hair and skin that covered rockhard sinew and muscle,
muscle rendered that way by countless hours of practice and competition.
  By now our fan's meager breeze wasn't enough to cool off our burning

bodies and Greg was sweating profusely. Sweat dripped from his nose and
matted hair forming little pools on my own well-formed chest and stomach. I
scooped the sweat up and combined it with the spit i was using to
frantically pound my own newly hard prick. I was high now, completely lost
to my own lust for this Italian ramrod that was pounding away at my ass
with wild abandon, lost in our moans and grunts and dirty talk.
  "You like it when I pound your ass with this dick, don't ya?"
  "Ohhhh yeahhhh..", i moaned.
  "You'll always give it up for me, won't ya?"
  "uunnhhh hhuunnnhh"
  Finally Greg hissed "Oh man, this is it!"
  "Greg," I called, "Pull out! I wanna see you come, man!"

  He obliged me and pulled his pulsing pole from my burning ass. Jacking
his meat at a frantic pace, he shot 6 massive wads of cum, grunting loudly
as they erupted. I caught as much of it as I could in my hands although a
good amount of it hit my face and chest. Gregg fell back onto the beds,
gasping for breath. That's when I made my final move. Lubing my own hot
cock with his spunk I grabbed his ankles and spread his legs above his
chest. By the time he knew what was happening I had my jizz-slick pole sunk
to the short hairs in his sweet little ass!
That was a brutal fuck! At first he tried to resist me but I shifted
myself so my cock was pressuring his prostate and soon he had his legs
wrapped around my waist, moaning low and gutteral, my prisoner! I rolled us
over on one side so I could hunch over slightly and afford myself access to
that manly chest and magnificently hairy pits. I was slow fucking him,
using long, deep, punishing strokes as I sucked the sweat from under his
arms. This drove him wild! Buried between our bellies, his revived cock
shot load after sweet steamy load! The cum mingled with our spit and sweat
as I neared completion. Then my sweet Italian jock grabbed my face and
began to passionately kiss my open mouth! I never thought I'd get this stud
to do that!! The feel of his manly stubble pressed against my face pushed
all the right buttons and I began to fill his hairy ass with my nuts' sweet
cargo! I'll bet they heard me all over McDonald Hall that night!!
  Greg and I fucked twice more after that and it was always a hot and wild
time. We lost track of each other after the semester began but I'll bet he
still remembers those nights and our electric fan!


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