Friday, October 21, 2011


By R.J.March

I wanted to fuck his brains out, I wanted to fuck him blind, but I was worried about how he might react. And I'm always worrying about shit gettin' around. Who wouldn't around here? This is fucking Buffalo, dude.

I gave Jeff a lift because he said he'd be late if I didn't, and I didn't want him to be late for his first day on the job. He'd just gotten hooked up at Shoes R Us. I've had a job for a while at U R Cool. We sold T-shirts with Farrah Fawcett pictures on them, and Skechers, and Fubu jeans. It was a good place to work because you got a 40% discount and there wasn't anything to do but fold the Farrah Fawcett T-shirts and ask people if they wanted to buy "some socks to go with that outfit" or a "really cool hemp necklace."

Jeff looked like the guy in Third Eye Blind. I think it's that guy, the one that sings. Or maybe it's the Better Than Ezra guy. I can't remember. I only know that I saw Jeff in his boxers once and sprouted myself some mighty wood and had to cover it with my dad's golf club towel, which seemed kind of appropriate at the time.



By Mike Hicks

Andy's dick hung inches from my mouth every night before be jumped up into the bunk bed above mine. He couldn't see me watching him as he stripped; our dorm room was so tiny, his face stayed out of view unless he bent over. It was a brief glimpse, just the few seconds between the time his huge thing flopped out of his briefs and the moment it disappeared when he jumped up to his perch on top. Occasionally, when I got lucky, his dick would dangle a bit longer if he stood by the bed before getting in — like he was studying something up there and had no idea I was lurking below, wide awake — holding my own dick under the sheet.

On those nights he'd sometimes reach down and scratch one of his low-slung nuts. Or absentmindedly give his soft shaft a little tug. Or rock his hips to some tune playing only in his mind, making that heavy thing wag, and in the process throwing a blast of his sharp, musky scent into my nostrils where it triggered a direct electrical connection from the front of my body down to my crotch.