Friday, November 11, 2011


The West Side Highway Story – A TAILGATE PARTY:

AS LUCKY GREW WISER about the activities under the highway he continued satisfying his fascination of peeping at the sexual happenings around the docks. He occasionally succumbed to the advances of the older men who approached him, those that were not too obvious in their intentions. However, whenever he was approached by an obvious type of cock-seeker – an effeminate, overly forward type – Lucky's Irish temper flared, and the would-be cocksucker fled for his life.

Jimmy Amerello was able to lead Lucky deeper and deeper into various activities that happened under the elevated highway. Jimmy’s overt activities left Lucky confessed. Jimmy’s bragging about several incidents about himself of his earlier experiences let Lucky tell Jimmy about his summer job at Coney Island and of the ruckus gypsy roustabout that he’d paled around with and of the blatant things the man did to hustle up money when he needed spare change, and how he’d seduced Lucky after he got him drunk.

“Oh, he got you drunk, huh?” Jimmy smiled. “Were you really drunk or just pretending?”

“I was piss-ass drunk and passed out cold. He took advantage of me,” Lucky insisted.

“And you said it was a little guy?” Jimmy smiled. “You over six feet and he was a little fellow, ’eh?”

“Yeah, five-seven, but built like an ox,” Lucky said.