Friday, November 11, 2011


by Derek Kemp

I woke up sometime close to midnight, a loud growl startling me awake. I didn't know what it was — or where I was, for that matter. It was pitch dark, and my surroundings seemed unfamiliar to me. I propped myself up on my elbows and squinted drowsily into the darkness; then consciousness started to sink in: a new bed, boxes piled all around me — it was moving in day, and this was my new dorm room.

Ah, freedom, I thought as I lay back down and let the night close in on me again. My eyes closed for a few seconds, but then I heard it again — that growl — and my sleepy reverie was broken.

Bolting up, I felt my stomach lurch. I stared down at it, thinking, No way, that couldn't have come from me, but my stomach responded with a sullen grumble. I hadn't eaten since early morning, and now my body was protesting, but there wasn't much I could do. I hadn't un-packed my things yet, and there wasn't any food stashed away in any of the boxes anyway. Or was there? I got up and rooted around in the box closest to my bed, but found nothing but clothes. I moved on to a box that sat against the far wall of my room, but no sooner had I popped it open than I heard it again — not exactly a growl this time, more like a moan.

Still sleepy, I stood there blinking in the dark and waited for the sound to come again. When it did, it was stretched out and ecstatic: "Unnng-ghhh. . . " then "Yesss!" It was a deep throated male voice coming from the room next door, and when I listened closely I could also hear the faint but unmistakable jounce of bedsprings. My neighbor was fucking someone. His girlfriend, perhaps? Or better yet, some horny jock from down the hall?

Curiosity stoked, I leaned closer to hear better, but lost my balance and clunked my head against the wall. Instantly, the jouncing stopped and the only sound I could hear was the panicky stutter of my heart. I held my breath for a few agonizing seconds, then the bouncing re-sumed. I heaved a sigh of relief as the guy next door grunted, "Oh yeah, fuck, that's it!"

As the seconds ticked by, I grew ever more hypnotized by his filthy talk. I reached down to grab the throbbing erection in my pants, but on the way down I carelessly let my knuckles chatter against the wall. I cursed myself inwardly as my neighbor went silent for another moment, but he didn't seem to have a problem with being listened in on. After a few seconds, he went right back at it again. I reached into my pants and started kneading the spongy firmness of my cock and balls. As my neighbor grunted next door, I pressed my cheek against the cool wall between us. Then he said it, the thing that made my jaw drop: "Oh yeah, fuck my ass!"

Jumping back from the wall, I regarded it warily. My mind was so tired I couldn't tell if it was playing tricks on me. Then my stomach growled again, and I knew I had to do something about it. I decided to head downstairs and get some junk food from one of the snack machines in the lobby.

I tiptoed toward the door and as quietly as possible turned the doorknob until the lock released; then I snuck out into the hallway. Stealing past my neighbor's door, I noticed that the name beneath the room number read "Owen." Once I reached the stairs, I bounded down them two at a time, thinking only of food, but when I got to the lobby I realized I'd left my wallet in my room. "Shit," I grumbled, as I headed back upstairs. Only when I reached the hallway outside my door did I realize that I'd also left my keys inside my room. "Fuck!" I said, kicking the door in frustration, an outburst that roused my neighbor. I heard him stomp to his door, and when he opened it, I was completely shocked because he was butt naked. He had short brown hair and amazing steel blue eyes. His body was lean, muscular, and beautifully tanned, and dangling between his strong legs was the most deliciously thick cock I'd ever seen. I felt my jaw drop as I stared at it.

I took a small step backward, but Owen said, "Uh-uh." He reached out and grabbed the scruff of my shirt and pulled me toward him.

For a second, I thought he was going to beat me up, so I started sputtering, "I - I was hungry, but I forgot my money." I pointed at my door. "I forgot my keys too. I locked myself out!" I wanted to twist my doorknob and prove it was locked, but Owen pulled me closer to him.

"Shut up," he said, and he clamped his lips over mine. He backed me up against his door and burrowed his hands under my T-shirt. He roughly pinched my nipples with his thick fingertips, and the thrill startled me. He moved his lips to my neck and sucked on my Adam's apple, then dipped his tongue into the hollow of my throat. My heart was beating anxiously in my chest, but I was definitely enjoying this aggressive seduction. Grabbing Owen's hips, I danced him around and moved our bodies into his room. I kicked the door closed as we stum-bled toward his desk. As we fell back on top of it, Owen coaxed my tongue out of my mouth and sucked on it as if it were filled with sweet nectar. The thought of nectar only served to remind my stomach it was still being ignored. It snarled again, and this time Owen heard it.

He pulled away from the kiss and said, "You really are hungry, aren't you?" He reached around me and flicked on his desk lamp, then went to the compact fridge that sat beside it. He crouched down in front of it, saying, "What can we feed you?" The soft glow from his desk lamp illuminated his muscular ass and highlighted the heavy hang of his cock and balls, and I couldn't help thinking, I'd like to get a taste of that. He held up a bag of grapes and said, "This'll tame your appetite for now."

He plucked a plump grape from the bunch and bit off the end of it, then held it up in front of my mouth. I opened my mouth to let him pop it inside, but he squeezed the fruit so its juices dribbled down my chin. Then he pressed the pulpy mash against my lips and let me suck on it. "We can go out to eat later," he said. "Right now I'm interested in stuffing something other than your stomach." He pressed his body against mine, and I could feel the substantial heft of his cock throbbing against my leg. Then I remembered that I'd just been listening to Owen getting fucked by someone else.

"Wait a sec," I said. "What happened to the other guy?" Owen gave me a confused look, so I explained, "I heard you. You said, 'Fuck my ass.'"

At that, Owen grinned. He pointed at his bed and said, "Number two was a dildo." True enough, an enormous black dildo lay in the middle of his bed. Owen saw me gaping at it. "Big, isn't it?" he boasted as he picked it up. Then he let it drop to the floor and grabbed my crotch instead. "But now I get the real thing."

He motioned me toward his bed with his free hand and said, "Climb on board." I sat down and started to take off my socks, but Owen shook his head no. "Just lay back and let me do the rest." I did so, and he handed me the grapes. "Eat," he commanded, then stepped to the foot of the bed and started to tug off my socks.

As I slowly popped grapes into my mouth, Owen attended to my feet. He kissed the ticklish arches and sucked on my toes. Then he scooted onto the bed and grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants. He slowly rolled them down until they were bunched at my ankles. My skin burst out in gooseflesh as he carefully massaged my leg muscles.

Then he tugged my sweatpants off over my ankles. Here it comes, I thought, the blow job to end all blow jobs, but Owen surprised me. He climbed further onto the bed and straddled my legs, then made me sit up so he could pull my T-shirt off. Then he let me settle back again, and leaned down and kissed my tight belly. He traced the shape of my muscles with his tongue — every cut, every line. First my abdominal muscles, then my pecs, then my nipples. Then he moved up and started kissing my neck again. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled his body against mine. His hard muscled chest felt magnificent pressed against my own. For the first time in my life, I was holding another guy against me.

Owen took the grapes from me and put them on the table beside his bed. We grappled with each other, and when we stopped, Owen was underneath me. I pushed up on my hands to get a better look at him, and his steel blue eyes were on fire. I felt his hands burrow inside my briefs, felt them cup and massage my ass cheeks, and then a squirrelling finger dipping inside me.

I humped against his body, raking my throbbing erection against his massive fuck pole. I was surprised at the size of Owen's cock. He was shorter than me by a couple of inches, but his penis was huge. I couldn't wait any longer; I had to taste it.

Slithering down, I crouched so my head was even with his cock, then I basted it with the length of my tongue. Owen groaned, "Unghh," and I felt a tinge of deja vu — it was just like the sound that had stirred me awake. I reached up and hefted his erection in one hand, and the solid weight of it against my palm aroused me even more. I bent down and took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it gently, swirling my tongue around its bulging red crown. Then I slid down, struggling to swallow more than half of it. His cock was so thick it was difficult to accommodate, but we were both patient. I slithered my lips up and down the length of him, enjoying every inch, and within moments my throat muscles relaxed, and I was able to swallow more of him. When I felt truly comfortable with his cock gorging my gullet, I swung my body around over Owen, positioning my cock above his own hungry mouth.

Dipping my hips down, I plunged deep into his hot, wet throat. He swallowed me whole on the first descent and the feeling was incredible. His lips were plump and soft, his mouth warm and inviting. I continued to bob on his incredible cock and started to wonder what it would feel like buried deep in my ass. I'd never been fucked before. Would I be able to take it? My asshole twitched with anticipation, clenching and unclenching.

As if reading my thoughts, Owen pushed a finger inside me. My asshole greeted his finger with a firm hug, so he pushed in another. My asshole squeezed again — "The more the merrier," it seemed to be saying. I started to rock back and forth, encouraging his exploration, and slacked off his dick long enough to say, "I want you to fuck me."

"That's what I wanted to hear," Owen growled lustily. Then he reached up with both hands, spread my ass cheeks wide, and licked my asshole slowly. I'd never been rimmed before, and the sensation was so intense that it felt like I was going to explode. It was like I could feel every taste bud on his tongue dragging across my skin. He dipped his tongue inside me, and my body started to tremble, my legs shaking dangerously. He pulled his tongue out, then pressed a thick thumb into my spasming hole and worked at the tight muscle. "You think you're ready for it?" he asked.

"Yes," I gasped, though I really wasn't sure. I still held his throbbing cock firmly in my hand. It seemed too big to fit, but I was eager to give it a try.

"Then stay where you are," he said, meaning the position I was in: on all fours, hovering over him. He slithered out from beneath me and fished a condom off the bedside table. He put the condom on and greased it up with lube, then got on his knees behind me. I felt the nub of his cock head pressed against my ass, then a slow push. My asshole refused to give at first, so Owen reached down and worked some lube into my ass. Then he positioned himself again and gave a harder push.

In a sudden blast, my asshole lit up. I felt scorched from within, incapable of moving, but Owen intuitively understood. He stayed immobile, giving my body time to adjust. As the initial flames subsided to a more satisfying glow, my asshole relaxed and Owen started to press further. Slowly, considerately, he pushed his cock inside me until I could feel the soft tangle of his pubic hair brushing against my ass. Then he pulled out suddenly and pushed back in. My asshole was so sensitive, this feeling so acutely new, that I could almost feel every vein in his cock throbbing. I held my breath at first, then started inhaling and exhaling in time with the thrusts and retreats of his cock.

Arching up, I stood on my knees and pressed my sweat slicked back against Owen's chest. I reached back and pulled his lips to my neck. As he chewed on my flesh, I deliriously rasped, "I want to see you. I want to see your face."

He reached around my chest and pinched my nipples, then pumped in a few more hard thrusts. "All right," he said, nuzzling the nape of my neck, "get on your back."

I rolled onto my back and pulled my knees toward my chest, then reached down and guided his massive erection back into me. As he slowly pushed in again, I left my fingers there and felt the slick insertion of his cock. It was like pornography by touch.

When Owen was in to the hilt, he stayed put for a moment and just let me enjoy the feeling of being stuffed with cock. Then he went back to work, fucking me. He grabbed my ankles for leverage, and with every thrust, a warm pulse radiated from my prostate, sending pleasure to every nerve ending in my body.

Then Owen let go of my ankles. As I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to pull him further into me, he bent down and smothered my lips with another kiss. He sucked on my tongue as if he were trying to pull the sweet grape juice back out of me. Moments later, his thrusts sped up; then his cock jolted inside me, and he filled the condom with his hot come.

Finally, his body stopped twitching and he drooped down on top of me. His cock slipped out of my asshole as he nuzzled his head against my chest and sighed happily. He seemed spent, but my cock was still hard. I shifted my body beneath him, rubbing my cock against his belly. There was no way he could ignore it. He grabbed it and said, "Looks like something still needs tending to."

I wasn't about to decline. Motioning with one hand, I indicated that my cock was all his and he dove down on it. He worked my cock with such finesse that I couldn't help but be amazed. Each little suck seemed to pull a little jolt of electricity out of me.

Moments later, I pulled him off my cock, wrapped my fist around it and started pounding furiously. The first jets of my come sprayed over his shoulder and landed like heavy rain on his sweaty back. I aimed the next few bursts at his face, coating his cheeks and lips. When the spray subsided, I pulled him up to me and greedily licked the spunk off his face with a satisfied "Yum."

At that, Owen pulled back and said, "Don't tell me you're still hungry."

"Well, as a matter of fact, I am," I said. "And if we're really going out, you're going to have to pay. My wallet's still locked inside my room."

Owen leaned forward and gave me another kiss, then said, "Looks like I'm going to have my hands full with you this year, aren't I?"

All year? I thought to myself, and grinned contentedly. I liked the sound of that. "I guess so," I said with a smile and kissed him back.

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