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The West Side Highway Story – A TAILGATE PARTY:

AS LUCKY GREW WISER about the activities under the highway he continued satisfying his fascination of peeping at the sexual happenings around the docks. He occasionally succumbed to the advances of the older men who approached him, those that were not too obvious in their intentions. However, whenever he was approached by an obvious type of cock-seeker – an effeminate, overly forward type – Lucky's Irish temper flared, and the would-be cocksucker fled for his life.

Jimmy Amerello was able to lead Lucky deeper and deeper into various activities that happened under the elevated highway. Jimmy’s overt activities left Lucky confessed. Jimmy’s bragging about several incidents about himself of his earlier experiences let Lucky tell Jimmy about his summer job at Coney Island and of the ruckus gypsy roustabout that he’d paled around with and of the blatant things the man did to hustle up money when he needed spare change, and how he’d seduced Lucky after he got him drunk.

“Oh, he got you drunk, huh?” Jimmy smiled. “Were you really drunk or just pretending?”

“I was piss-ass drunk and passed out cold. He took advantage of me,” Lucky insisted.

“And you said it was a little guy?” Jimmy smiled. “You over six feet and he was a little fellow, ’eh?”

“Yeah, five-seven, but built like an ox,” Lucky said.

“David and Goliath, huh? Knocked out by his peashooter – or was that a pee squirter? Wow! I heard about how rough and tumble some of those guys are out there. I haven’t been there in years. Look what I missed by going to Jones Beach with the family.”

Lucky found the way Jimmy kidded him amusing, but when he talked of the subject of having been assaulted in the Bronx apartment house by the Puerto Rican gang, and an unknown man who had apparently had it arranged, Jimmy was always sympathetic, and whenever Lucky mentioned it he tried to make him understand that it was really not letting go of the past that was making it worse.

"It happened, Lucky, and that's that. Ain't you ever been punched in the mouth, or had your ass whipped in a fight, when you were growing up?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, sure, not many times, but yeah. I got a busted nose once," Lucky admitted.

"Well, your nose looks OK now, and that was years ago, so how about trying to forget that asshole who had you tied down. They didn't ass-fuck you. Getting a blowjob was something you should have enjoyed in the first place and it might not have had to happen that way."

Lucky shrugged.

"But – sometimes I think about being – tied up and – and I – well –," his face grew deep red.

"Yeah?" Jimmy smiled. "Maybe a few of these truckers would like to hog-tie you in their rig's bunk and then blow your fucking brains out; or maybe climb on your pecker and ride it until you're so weak that you could just slither out of their bonds."

"Don't you think that's crazy?" Lucky asked. "I mean to throw a rod thinking of it happening?"

"Lucky, nothing is crazy if it feels good!" Jimmy said, giving Lucky a slap on the back. "Life is too short to try to analyze anything that makes you feel good and doesn’t bring harm to you or your partner. Just do it and enjoy it. I love sex anyway I can get it."

What seemed to feel good was when Jimmy would put his arms around Lucky and hug him. Lucky had even allowed Jimmy to kiss him around his neck, ears and near his mouth, but never on it. When Jimmy got too amorous he would break it off, though Lucky told himself that he really liked the warm feeling it gave him being held by the older man. Lucky tried to rationalize that Jimmy's advice was right. After all, Jimmy had been kind to him, and he had aided Lucky getting a higher-paid job at the Market as an assistant produce inspector.

Lucky and Jimmy went under the highway together. Now and then Jimmy convinced Lucky that he could serve him better than a stranger. Lucky, somewhat reluctantly, allowed Jimmy to have his way. At no time, however, did Jimmy ever try to coerce Lucky into reciprocating, other than sucking and biting his nipples while Lucky masturbated him. Jimmy treated Lucky well, more like a brother than just a sexual partner. Lucky appreciated the older man's intent.

"One of these days I want to take you to meet a few of my pals. None of them look like what they are, so maybe that's your hang-up. I noticed how you get a wild hair up your ass when one of them queens comes on to you. I don't care for them either, they just don't do anything for me, but I don't get nasty and go after them like you do."

Lucky shrugged. "Well they just piss me off. What makes them think I go for that shit?"

"That's why they want you, you probably DON'T look like you do," Jimmy sighed. "Mr. Shannahan, SIR, anytime you tell me I LOOK like a fucking cocksucker, I'm going to kick your ass and never suck your pecker again. Some of the men that work for me would feel just as adamant about me, and they would never take orders from me. So, if you turn into a flaming faggot I will have to stop hanging around you – and I can't ever see that happening."

Lucky gave Jimmy a deep frown, his blue eyes flashing as his temper rose.

"I'm just kidding," Jimmy said, "See? There you go again!"

Throughout the colder months Lucky was amazed to find much of the action continued around the waiting area. Oil drums were placed here and there where the lumpers burned materials to keep warm. Unlike the hot weather when the truck interiors were too hot to carry on in, in cold weather many of the truck drivers invited their partners inside their rigs where they had warm, comfortable sleepers. Other activity continued as usual between the parked vehicles.

Jimmy would take Lucky to a private office in the company's section, where their activities continued during the really cold periods of the winter, and Jimmy would soon introduce him to others that would find Lucky Shannahan, the big blond Irishman more than just interesting. One of them would teach Lucky something VERY different about a relationship.

As he frequently mentioned to Jimmy, Lucky often thought of how, as a teenager, he'd been tied down like an animal by the Puerto Rican street-gang for someone to use. He confessed to Jimmy that he'd liked the sensations he'd been given, but the way he'd been forced to submit and endure them still caused rage now and then in his sometimes-confused thoughts. He told Jimmy many things that he had never spoken about to anyone before. Jimmy listened with genuine interest, often trying to make Lucky feel more at ease about them.

"After the guys nailed you in the old building you kept on screwing their girls, huh?" Jimmy said, giving his head a shake. "They wanted to teach you a lesson, but old stubborn Irish had to prove something, right, kid?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Lucky said. "I never told nobody but I started to think about what happened and what they did to me and like you say, it really felt good and I wanted to have somebody do it to me again."

"Sure, that's only natural," Jimmy grinned. "Just getting the idea that they MADE you do it and how they did it was the problem, right?"

"Yeah," Lucky said. "My curiosity ate me up and eventually got the best of me. When I started seeing what other guys were doing and how much they liked doing it – well. I wanted to try it and didn't know how to go about it. That guy I knew when I was working out at Coney Island was fucking brazen as they go, yet there was no way you'd spot him as queer if you saw him on the street. Like I told you before Gyp got me drunk and I woke up with his shit on my dick! He said he got lockjaw on me and decided to sit on it. I guess he did. I didn’t remember anything, but I was sure pissed-off!"

"He's just a man in touch with himself," Lucky grinned.

"I didn't do nothing around here. I liked to watch but that was where it stopped."

“Are you leveling with me, Lucky?" Jimmy asked. "You never let anyone do it to you – maybe you sneaked a sample when nobody was looking? Maybe when even Harvey Shannahan wasn't looking? Like playing drunk for that gypsy guy under the boardwalk all those other times you played drunk for him. You said you did, right?"

Lucky's face darkened, and then he grinned.

"Yeah, I wasn't that drunk, but he didn't know it." Lucky said.

"That's what you think. He didn't seem to sound like he was born yesterday. Those guys out there in that environment grow up fast!" Jimmy assured Lucky.

“Yeah, he said he started hustling when he was a little kid – he said he had two older brothers who did it before they went in the navy and got killed in the South Pacific during the war.”

“Hell – that was a tough break, and he’s still carrying the load I suppose. Yeah, life can be rough, you gotta learn to handle it or go under,” Jimmy said giving Lucky’s arm a squeeze.

Lucky suddenly blurted out what had happened to him at the Market the first few nights he'd observed the activity around the dark pier waiting area.

He told Jimmy that right after the first observance of the apparently congenial meetings of the participants he had still been fearful of trying anything where he worked, so he'd investigated a public toilet in Crotona Park, near where he lived. He'd heard a few of his neighborhood pals mention the cocksuckers that haunted the deserted park toilet in the far end of the park near the Bronx Borough Hall.

Upon going there one afternoon he had a blow job from another old man who hung around the park, then confessed that after the first night he’d gone with Jimmy to witness him giving the cocksucker what he wanted, and then refused when Jimmy wanted him to take his turn, that he’d thought about what he’d seen and had gone to the subway toilet to jerk off.

“All I could see and think about was you and how I wished I’d had the guts to get it off when you asked me to go next,” Lucky sighed. “I guess I’m just a dumb fucking asshole.”

“Well, they don’t want your asshole, they want to swing on your pecker,” Jimmy grinned.

Lucky told Jimmy that one of his problems was that he was sure that he was "under hung" even after the old man at the park thanked him over and over for letting him suck his cock and begged him to return to look for him.

"Show me any man who thinks he's got enough hanging between his legs and I'll show you a bubble dancer that thinks she's got big enough tits!" Jimmy smiled. "Shit, you're over six feet tall, and with all that muscle on you, you're just a pretty picture in an oversized picture frame. I once met a trucker under the highway that was big as you are, and when he dropped his pants, he had a two-inch pecker. When he saw me looking at it, he grinned and told me that if I thought he was sorry he didn't have enough, I was to think again.

"To this day I'll always remember what he said about his little pecker. 'Hell, kid, maybe I ain't built like one of them donkeys, but that little peanut of mine gives me just as much pleasure when I have it sucked as one of them big ones does. Besides, you can work on it all night long and not get lockjaw and you sure can't do that when you gotta open your jaws like a python!' He proved it wasn't just bullshit!" Jimmy sighed. "Do you know? I stayed on him and the fucker went and popped three times nonstop in about forty-five minutes and my jaws never DID get tired working on him."

"Well, the old man in the park did say I was a handsome boy and that I had it all going for me. He said to come back and look for him because he was willing to make me feel good anytime I needed it," Lucky told Jimmy. “Gyp said the same thing, too.”

"So believe them. You sure are a real handsome man," Jimmy assured Lucky. "I'm sure you went back lots of times to the park."

Lucky explained to Jimmy that he had returned many times though his conscience told him it was wrong to do things like that; but he'd followed his swelling dick to where he knew he would get what it needed. Lucky often saw other men who came to be taken care of by the old man and every one of them – Lucky assured himself – was bigger between the legs than he was.

"You know," Lucky said to Jimmy, "to complicate my problem I got 'blind meat,' and whenever I get a hard-on, the constriction of the tight foreskin over the head keeps me horny, and it's almost like I have to drop a load before it will soften and go down again. It's a condition that sometimes keeps me in a constant state of sexual arousal. I think maybe that’s why I was such a whoremaster when I was a kid fucking around the neighborhood girls."

"Oh you poor, poor man!" Jimmy said. "What a cross to bear! If you ever need someone to come rub the stiffness out of your muscles, just phone A. & S. Produce and ask for Jimmy the masseur."

Lucky told Jimmy that he'd often continued his peeping sport, finding that it was a great way to pass time, and he spent hours, off and on, masturbating as he watched the cocksuckers hop from rig to rig.

“I like watching people have sex,” he said. “I guess that’s not normal either.”

“What’s wrong with that? Some people like being watched. Ever been to a stag party? The guys might joke around with each other but it’s just a release of nervous energy. Some guys just pull it out and beat off and don’t give a shit who sees them.”

“Yeah, there’s men around here that don’t give a shit who’s around when they get taken care of.”

“I wasn’t being modest the night I dragged you under the roadway to strut my stuff and maybe get something going with you, was I?” Jimmy smiled.

“I sure liked seeing you do it that time,” Lucky said, then described that now and then there was a blatant exhibitionist who knew he was watching from the dark truck and who gladly provided the show that he always enjoyed ever since the night the surly Donkey-Dicked Rebel had demonstrated to Lucky his unabashed proclivity for deep-throats-in-lieu-of-pussy.

“Did you ever run into the pissfreak that hides under the trucks and takes piss baths?” Jimmy asked.

“No-o-o-o-o –! Lucky said, “Really?”

“That will be a new experience for you, Kiddo,” Jimmy said.

“Lucky described what he’d seen the gypsy roustabout do, and when he was done Jimmy was nonplused.

“Yeah, well people do whatever turns them on. Why not as long as you’re willing and nobody gets hurt,” Jimmy sighed.

The matter of the man under the truck became evident to Lucky was there by himself a few weeks later. While sitting in the dark truck playing with himself as he peeped at the action under the dark highway, he saw a man walking toward the row of parked trucks then disappear under one of them. He watched with curiosity for a long time, but the man stayed there. Lucky figured maybe he was sleeping there for some reason; possibly he had something under the truck to lie on.

Several minutes later one of the lumpers, a tall black man, broke off unloading a rig briefly walked over to the back of the truck where wooden pallets were stacked that afforded privacy from the passing traffic on West Street. Lucky watched as the loader took a piss and stood there several minutes before he left. The process was repeated several times with others who used the convenient "cubbyhole" to urinate. Now and then one of the men would stand there a longer period of time occasionally in a stance that left no doubt he was being relieved in more than just a way he'd intended when approaching to take a leak.

Lucky's curiosity was more than he could stand. He got out of the truck and walked toward the pile of pallets beside the truck. Lucky had to take a piss, so he figured he would do it there to find out why the man under the truck would want to hide in such a place that smelled the way it did, and when there were other places to catch a nap or "coop." What he was hiding from was a mystery to Lucky. He'd never seen the man around before and knew he wasn't a worker. Lucky approached the tailgate of the truck and stood close to it as he pulled his dick free and aimed it high so he could let his stream go as far as possible under the truck. Lucky heard his piss splashing on the cobbles, but then it seemed to change sound as he heard a choke then a sigh. Lucky finished pissing then stood there a minute. He stroked on his dick a few times then put it back in his pants, but as he was about to walk away, another of the dockworkers headed to the spot he had just vacated.

"Did he get you good like you wanted it? Did he drain your radiator, too?" the dockworker asked. "Did he do you the way you needed it, buddy? Man, I've had good blowjobs and I've had fantastic blowjobs, but that cocksucker under there is more than fantastic. He's the A-number-one best ever!"

The question and comments puzzled Lucky.

"I hear there's a real good one under there," he said as he ambled past Lucky, "he's one of them thirsty critters, too. Did you feed and water him? My buddy says he's good."

Lucky just shrugged as the man sidled up to the vacated cubbyhole, dug around in his fly, and hauled his dick out.

"Come and get it, Daddy's in dire need tonight!" he said in a loud voice, seemingly to the back of the truck, behind which he stood.

He stood there a moment as Lucky stared at him. He straddled his legs and stared upward at the bottom of the elevated highway overhead, giving a really loud moan, then a deep sigh.

"Oh yeah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!" he said with a hiss of breath between clenched teeth.

The man hunkered down in a deeper crouch as he swayed to and fro; his hips gyrated in a slow, steady motion. He'd gripped the underside of the tailgate with both hands holding himself as he leaned backwards staring upward as if in a trance. He'd rock his head now and then and glance at Lucky. Slowly blowing puffs of breath over and over.

"This is just too good to hurry!" he said softly to Lucky.

The man continued to crouch there in the awkward position, then he groaned and leaned back further, holding himself by his outstretched arms as Lucky saw him slowly jacking his hips in an upward motion while his breaths turned to pants and he sucked air in between his clenched teeth.

"Oh yeah! I sure do like pussy, but nothing beats what I'm feeling right now," he said to Lucky as his hip-jacking motions quickened; then he suddenly yanked away, standing back a moment.

"Not yet, babe, Daddy's gotta cool it. Not yet!" the man said as Lucky saw him standing there, his cock hard and jerking and jabbing at the air.

After a few minutes he shook his head, gave Lucky a big grin, then he sidled up to the tailgate of the truck again, crouched down and assumed the same position while Lucky continued to stare. After a few more minutes Lucky saw him adjusting his position in a bowlegged, crouching stance, again jabbing his hips as he leaned back clinging to the tailgate with his fingers.

"Oh yeah!" the man said suddenly with a loud groan. "Oh, yeah. Get ready to take it, Daddy's coming home, and he’s coming home – right – fucking –- now-w-w-w-w-w-w!"

He quaked all over as he doubled up holding the position several minutes, and then gasped as he pulled away. Still not finished, he called out to the person under the truck.

"Hey, you under there." the man called out. "Open your mouth and finish what I came here for in the first place before you went and side-tracked me. I wanna wash down that load I gave you."

He stepped close to the tailgate again and stood there a few minutes as he sighed and shivered a few times. Lucky could just faintly see a pair of hands reaching out from under the tailgate. They held on to the trucker's legs. After several minutes standing motionless the trucker backed away again, pulled out a bandanna from his hip pocket to wipe his cock and balls carefully with it. Shaking his head, he flipped his dick in his pants and staggered toward Lucky with a big grin on his homely face.

"You're back already, huh, pal? Once wasn’t enough?" he said in a husky whisper, winking at Lucky as he reached down to give him a grope. Lucky jumped backwards a half step, then seemed puzzled by the next remark from the stranger.

"Ah, to be your age again! You're a real hog, right?" he grinned, "I see you're ready for a second round. I guess some of you big guys are like that, huh? All that energy inside just wanting to fire-up and keep going. Gee, I wish I had the time, but I ain't. He's all yours, Pal. Enjoy him, you won’t find many like him on the roadside."

The loader wandered past Lucky and crossed the street to his loading work. Lucky was puzzled. He looked at the cubbyhole behind the truck between the stack of pallets. He walked back to the space with his hard-on painfully straining to be free of his pants. Opening his fly, Lucky stepped up to the back of the truck as if to take a leak. This time Lucky called out.

"Here’s another hard one! Come and get it, you fucking cocksucker!" he growled.

Almost immediately a hot, wet mouth went down on him all the way to the balls, and then began to suck him! The hot mouth not only engulfed his cock right to the balls, but on every up-stroke his tongue gave Lucky’s cockhead that was exposed by the tight foreskin a little swirl before he nose-dived again down to his balls causing Lucky an unnerving sensation that was almost too much to bear.

While he was pleasured Lucky became aware that someone had moved into the area near him and stood with his arms crossed over his chest quietly watching him have his cock sucked. Lucky was too far gone to care when the tall stranger moved closer and stood to his side.

“It sure feels good, don’t it Irish?” the stranger said softly to him, and then Lucky felt a rough hand caress his squirming ass.

He withstood the cocksucking only five minutes longer before he jammed himself into the sucking throat and fired away feeling as though he was being turned inside out.

"GEE-E-E-Z!" Lucky gasped out loud. "HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT!"

The trucker who was behind him gave a snicker as Lucky staggered backward into his arms preventing him from stumbling over his half-dropped shorts. Strong arms held him briefly while he regained his balance, and then one hand ran softly down his ass again and handled his balls from behind before the trucker moved away. The whole world could have fallen in at that moment but nothing could have made him stop before the final spasm of his climax finished. He felt wrung out like a washrag from the working out he'd just had by the anonymous man who was somewhere under the truck.

"Boy!" the man said to Lucky grabbing him by the arm again to steady him. "I guess the dam musta busted, huh? You sure musta had a real flood backed up behind it, huh, Irish?"

Lucky just rolled his eyes as he wiped his sweating brow on his forearm.

"I'm fucking wiped out!" Lucky groaned. "But, thanks anyway. I think I'll recover in an hour or so."

“I hope you didn’t wear ‘em out because now I wanna take my turn, and get some,” the trucker grinned.


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