Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Freshman

I apologize to all you hardcore football fans. What I know about the rules and regulations of the sport you could put on the head of a pin. So please bare with me.

My name is Eddy Townsend. I am a freshman at University of San Francisco on a scholarship as the third string Quarterback. Considering I’m majoring in Physical Education, it’s perfect. I had been scouted in my final Year of High school in Portland Oregon. Although San Francisco was my last choice, I accepted the full scholarship.

My only gay friend in Portland had told me about several gay beaches in the San Francisco area including one next to a state park. He said you could even camp there and there was also a good chance of hooking up.

So I drove to San Francisco early and registered, got a shit load of information, was assigned a dorm. After unpacking, I left my tent and sleeping bag in the car. Bought some easy to cook food and beer for my cooler and headed for the State park.