Thursday, February 9, 2012



          The day Peter moved in next door, I had some reserved feelings. He had one of those looks, almost an attitude like he was better than everyone else. He was just a year or two older then me, but he appeared to live alone, and I was still living with my parents.

          I didn’t see him much at first, he kept strange hours. I figured he must work at night, but we hadn’t said more than a few words too each other. I was out in the yard one afternoon when Peter came up to me. He wanted me to help him put up a ceiling fan.

          We stood on the same ladder, I held the fan up while he attached it to the ceiling box. It was tight space on the ladder, he was one step above me. His stomach and fly were pressed into the side of my ribs. I suddenly realized that the something hard I felt against me wasn’t his belt buckle.

          The dude had thrown wood and it was touching me! I didn’t know what to do. I felt kind of light headed and I just stayed still and held the fan up.

          As we got off the ladder, I saw the bulge in his shorts and I knew for sure he was boned up. He flipped the switch and we both looked up as the ceiling fan turned. He flopped down on the couch and I heard the sound of a zipper.

          “Excuse me dude, but I’m fucking boned up. I gotta real big dick, dude, it irritates me when I get all hard like this.” Peter explained.

          I knew I wasn’t supposed to look, I knew dudes just didn’t look at other dude’s dicks. I couldn’t stop myself. I looked, and he really had his dick out! His fly was open and a big hard dick jutted out of it. I’d only seen my own erection and didn’t have anything to base size judgment on but I somehow knew his was huge.

          I wanted to turn away, but I couldn’t. He had a hand wrapped around the shaft and the head of his cock rested against his other hand. I could feel my face burn and tingle but I kept looking.

          “You can touch it, if you wanna dude,” Peter offered. “I got enough to share.”

          My mind said to run but my feet carried me next to him. As I sat down on the couch beside him, he lifted his hips and slipped his shorts off. He was naked now, holding that big powerful dick straight up. He displayed it proudly, long and thick and so hard. I’d never had a gay thought, never had an attraction to another guy, but suddenly, that big dicked stud seemed like the sexiest guy in the world.

          My hand shook as it moved, almost on its own towards that massive dick. I felt the heat from it before I actually touched it. He sighed as I touched it, he spread his legs wide and leaned back into the couch.

          “Use some spit dude, jerk me off, make me feel good, make me cum,” Peter said.

          I did what he said, at first I spit on my hand, and I stroked that fat dick. I had jerked myself plenty of times but this was so different. I had a dick, he had a big huge dick! It was twice as thick as mine, twice as long! It was hard and powerful, it throbbed in my hand!

          I placed both hands around it and massaged it, as my spit lube began to dry, I bent my mouth over it and let my saliva drop down. I looked down at it, the incredible powerful organ. I stroked, moving my hands up and down.

          “Yeah, that feels good dude. Oh, yeah.” Peter moaned. “You can suck it if you wanna.”

          That was a line I couldn’t cross, no straight guy would do that. What I was doing was just because I was curious. I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t suck a dick!

          “No one will know.” Peter seemed to read my mind. “Just put your lips around the head. It wouldn’t really be sucking, not if you just put the head in your mouth.”

          I looked down at it, so thick, so big. A clear drop of fluid leaked from the piss slit. It sparkled in the light of the new ceiling fan. Peter was right, it really wouldn’t be dick sucking. I was just curious, that was all.

          I opened my mouth as wide as I could. As I lowered down on his dick, the sides of it brushed my lips.

          “Put your lips over your teeth, dude. It’s a dick not a piece of beef jerky!” Peter complained. “Yeah, that’s better. Try and suck more of it, take some more of it!”

          Peter’s thick cock was too much dick for my mouth. My jaws were already tired of being opened wide enough to take it, every time the fat head touched my throat I gagged. I tried but couldn’t even take half of his rod, it was just too much dick for me to handle.

          Suddenly, with no warning, Peter shot! It was like an explosion in my mouth. I hadn’t thought this far, I guess I assumed he would pull out before he nutted. I hadn’t liked the taste of his precum and this was even thicker and nastier. I didn’t swallow, it just filled my mouth and kept pumping. I tried to pull away but he grabbed my head and held me. He finished his orgasm, then let me loose. I ran to the kitchen sink, spitting and rinsing my mouth.

          I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I knew there would be no reciprocation. This had all been about Peter and his needs. He had used me, and I had willingly let myself be used for his cum dump. How could I face him again? How could I have done this? And why was my dick hard?

          I stayed in the kitchen for a few minutes, thinking about escaping out the back door when Peter walked in. I didn’t want to face him, I didn’t want to look at him. He was still naked and I couldn’t help but look. Even though minutes earlier, he had just climaxed, that big dick was a bouncing rock hard piece of meat as he walked into the kitchen.

          “Thanks dude, that took the edge off,” Peter said. He gripped his ball bag, “You lightened these a little.” He looked down at his dick proudly.

          I couldn’t stop looking, that huge prick was as rock hard as it had been when I sucked it. It drew me in, it hypnotized me.

          “That was your first time, huh?” Peter asked, he wrapped his hand around his piece and pointed it at me. ”I’m kind of big for a first time, but you’ll get better.”

          I felt almost bad, like I hadn’t done it good enough for him. I was confused. I couldn’t understand my own feelings, but the bottom line was my dick was hard also. I made the next move, I knelt in front of him and licked his balls.

          “Hey dude, I wanna show you something. Get up on the table on your back and let your head hang off the edge.” Peter told me.

          I didn’t hesitate, I got up on the small table, my legs dangled off one end, my head off the other. He shuffled me around a little and then guided that huge hot hard dick to my lips. As I opened my mouth, I remembered to place my lips over my teeth for him.

          Inch after inch of that steel hard pipe entered my mouth, I gagged as it touched the back of my mouth. I couldn’t breath, I was choking. He was forcing his dick down into my throat! It was in my throat! I couldn’t breath!

          He was now fucking my mouth, fucking that huge cock deep inside my throat! It hurt, it was uncomfortable, but I was learning to breath. And Peter was moaning, telling me how good it felt, how good I was making him feel.

          I didn’t like my the way he was holding my head, it hurt to have that big cock fucking my throat, his balls were bouncing and slapping my forehead. But I stayed still, I let him use me, I only heard how good I was making him feel! I managed to breathe as he fucked my face!

          This time, maybe half an hour, maybe an hour, he came, he nutted in my throat. He shot his load right into my throat. I didn’t have to taste it. My throat was a little sore, my jaws felt like they were worn out, but Peter had a grin on his face.

          “Damn, dude, now that was a head job. Hey, man, I got some business to take care of, so you take care, okay? Uh, we’ll hook up again.” Peter said.

          He was dismissing me. He was done with me. Finished, completed. I left mad, I had made him cum twice, I had sucked his cock, he had fucked my face. And that was it.

          I didn’t see him again for a few days. I spent one day in shame, one day not believing I had done this act. The next day I wondered. I thought about him. I wondered if he was thinking about me. I felt miserable. Why had I done that with him? Why had I let him use me? And why did I miss him?

          The third day, I started worrying. I knew he was at home. I peeked out the windows hoping to see him. Did he have a girl over there? Or another guy? A stupid guy like me that would worship and miss his big dick?

Peter’s Punk Part 2


          Five days had passed since that fateful day. Five days since Peter had used my mouth for a cum dump, a fuck hole. Now, I was more angry then anything else. I was angry at myself for allowing that to happen. I was angry because at first I had wanted it to happen again. I had sucked his dick, he had fucked my mouth, then he ignored me like it hadn’t meant anything.

          Two could play his game! Fuck him! He’d try and speak to me again, some day when he was horny. He would wish he had treated me better!

          That afternoon, Peter came over, “Hey dude, ya wanna come over?” he asked as he brushed his hand against his crotch suggestively.

          This was my chance for pay back. I’d tell him I was busy, this was my chance. I looked up at him, and everything suddenly changed. “Yeah, that’ll be kewl.” I replied.

          Again, I found my head dangling off his kitchen table. He fucked my face, deep in my throat for almost half an hour. He was almost brutal, humping and pumping that huge cock of his! I breathed when I could as he rammed the hard big shaft in and out of my mouth!

          His foul tasting precum dripped, bitter on my taste buds. He used me for one purpose, and my dick was hard even though I knew this was just a means of a nut for him.

          He came inside my throat, cutting off all my air as his dick throbbed and his balls jetted strand after strand of sperm inside of me!

          As he pulled out, “Direct deposit dude! Thanks man! Hey, I gotta get ready, got a hot date tonight, a real hot babe,” he said looking towards the back door.

          It really wasn’t a hint, he was dismissing me. He had used me and was done with me for now. He had a date with a girl. I left rapidly, confused and feeling betrayed. How could he do this to me?

          Over the next couple of weeks, he fucked my face 4 more times. I wanted to stop, I wanted to tell him no and hell no. But I couldn’t, something made me weak, somehow he drew me in. I was addicted to letting him use me!

          Again, he wanted me to come over. Again, I couldn’t refuse. As I followed him inside, I actually looked forward to his big cock down my throat, I looked forward to having his nasty ball cream inside of me. I wanted him to use me, I wanted this hot big cocked stud to use me for his cum slut!

          I followed him inside, anticipating pleasing him again. I stopped short, seeing a dude sitting on the sofa.

          “Hey, this is my little bro, Paul!” Peter announced. I felt nervous and embarrassed. I had boned up thinking of Peter’s rod down my throat, I hoped my dick wasn’t tenting out. I was ashamed all over again.

          Peter said, “I told Paul all about you dude. Now, I got an errand to take care of, but you take good care of my bro, dude.”

          Just like that, Peter left. I stood, frozen, staring in shock. Paul was younger then Peter, younger even then me. I was speechless, what had Peter told him? What was I supposed to take care of? I wasn’t gonna suck this kid’s cock! I only wanted Peter!

          Paul spoke, his voice was like Peter’s, “You don’t look like a cock sucker.”

          I felt my face burn, what did a cock sucker look like, I wondered. My heart thudded, Peter had told him, Paul knew my shameful secret.

          He lifted his tee shirt over his head, he ran a hand over his chest staring at me. “I ain’t as big as Peter but I got a nice dick, dude.” Then his hips rose off the sofa and he pulled down his shorts and boxers together.

          Cock size sure ran in that family, while he was no where the size of Peter, Paul was sporting about 8 inches, a lot more cock then I had. It was hard and erect. He had that same proud male attitude that Peter possessed as he put his manhood on display.

          My new addiction seemed to include more then Peter’s dick. I stared at the younger dude, I took in that big hard cock with my eyes, I looked at the large nuts, wondering how much cum they could make.

          “It’s cool if you wanna suck me off, dude,” Paul said. “You’re licking your lips ya know.”

          My lips weren’t what I wanted to lick. I knelt between his spread legs. I kissed the large knob of his cock head, then moved below his erection. I licked his big ball bag, I licked the fairly smooth sack and sucked gently on the thick skin.

          “Oh, yeah, dude, I like that. That feels good, lick my balls, yeah.” Paul moaned. Unlike Peter, Paul sat still, he didn’t try to force his cock down my throat. He moaned encouragement as I found myself worshipping his balls. I sucked them one at a time, gently and carefully. They felt good inside of my mouth. I rolled them around. Working those big orbs in that big sack. I would look up occasionally to find Paul looking down, observing me.

          I forgot he was younger then me. I didn’t think of Peter’s huge cock at all. There was something about Paul, something that made me want to please and service him! I kissed his big fuck shaft, kissed it, and licked it, working my way from his ball bag up that big fuck rod!

          I saw the glistening droplet of precum oozing from his piss slit. I knew how that stuff tasted, but I didn’t care. I wanted to make Paul feel good. I stuck my tongue to it and licked it up!

          God! This wasn’t the bitter goo from Peter’s cock! This was almost sweet! It tasted good! I covered my teeth with my lips and sucked at that big dick head! I stroked that fuck shaft with my hand and tried to suck more sweet goo from that hard rod!

          I went down on his cock, he just moaned, and I felt it touch the back of my mouth, and I swallowed! I didn’t gag like when Peter fucked my mouth! I swallowed Paul’s big dick! I bobbed my head up and down, I used everything I could to make this hot boy’s sweet juice flow into me!

          I bobbed my head up and down that teenaged tool! I learned that Paul had the same staying ability as Peter! Paul lasted forever! His sweet precum flowed into my mouth! I could take him in my throat with no problem! My mouth didn’t get worn out, my jaws didn’t hurt!

          Then I was draining that hot stud teen! His sweet cum exploded into my mouth! Wad after wad, sweet and sticky goo! I swallowed it, I wanted it! My heart rushed as I hoped I was pleasing this younger stud!

          I sucked him and licked his dick clean. I still knelt on the floor, between his spread legs. He looked down at me, his chest rose and fell. I studied his chest, he had good pecs, dark brown nipples. I hoped I had pleased him!

          He grinned, “Dude, that was killer head! I’m still trying to get my breath! Man, you know how to suck dick! I ain’t ever had it that good!”

          I smiled shyly and looked at him. I rested my head on one of his well built thighs. I could feel his strong thigh against my hair. I had made him happy, he had told me so! Peter slipped from my thoughts. Paul took over my mind!

          I could hear Paul’s breath slowly and returning to normal. “Uh, dude? Uh, can I ask you something?”

          I raise my head off his leg, my hair was probably irritating him or something! I wanted to tell him how much I had enjoyed pleasing him, I wanted to tell him how good he tasted, I wanted to tell him he could ask me anything in the world, all my secrets were his. I was so over powered, all I could manage was to nod yes, agreeing to his question.

          I nodded yes, looking into his eyes, his sexy wonderful eyes. I would tell him  the truth if he asked, I wanted to suck his sweet big hard dick again.

          “Uh, dude, what’s your name?” Paul asked me. “Peter didn’t know it, and it would be kinda nice to know who just gave me the best head job in the world!”

          I felt a pounding in my temples as I realized that Peter had never bothered to learn my name. I think I would have ran away and hid forever except Paul’s fingers were on my head, brushing at my hair.

          I heard my voice quiver, I was close to tears. “Davy.” I got out. I couldn’t look at Paul right now, my eyes were blurring.

          “Thank you Davy. Dude you made me feel good. I don’t wanna call you a dick sucker or nothing, but man, Davy! Damn, I thought my heart was gonna blow up! It was fucking awesome!” Paul’s fingers brushed my hair repeatedly.

Peter’s Punk Part 3


          Paul’s fingers went from my hair to the back of my neck, not really massaging, but gently touching. “Yeah, that felt fucking good. Hey, dude, let’s go in the bedroom and relax.” His fingers kneaded at that back, the touch felt good, his fingers were strong.

          I sighed as I followed the younger stud. I looked at his sexy naked body as I walked behind him. The bedroom was messy, I knew it was Peter’s bedroom, it smelt of Peter. Paul lay on the unmade bed.

          His voice was husky, sexy as he said, “Get out of those clothes dude and get comfortable with me.”

          There was something about the way he was sprawled, something about his eyes, his face, something so hot and sexy. I pulled my shirt over my head, but hesitated on removing my shorts. I had no underwear on, and I was rock hard from being around this sweet sexy stud!

          Paul looked at me, “You got some hot looking nips, I am a nipple man, dude! Get naked and get beside me. I wanna suck them nips of yours, dude!”

          That was all it took, I blushed as I dropped my shorts, my dick was pointing straight out, steel hard. I climbed in bed beside Paul.

          His mouth went straight to my left nipple, he began sucking it, gently at first, then harder and with teeth. It hurt and then got even more painful, I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn’t. I could not tell the sexy stud to stop abusing my nipple!

          It felt raw and it was swollen and firm as he took his mouth away. “Let me know if I’m too rough” he said as he switched to my right nipple.

          I was afraid if I told him that he was too rough that he would stop altogether. I kept still and took more pain as he started in on my right nipple. He sucked it, bit it and stretched it. He locked his teeth onto it, grinding as he tugged it away from my body! Paul worked my nipples over and over for an almost unendurable long time. Then he admired his handiwork, he stared down at my swollen purplish abused nipples.

          Paul grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the nightstand. “Roll over on your stomach, dude,” he said in that hot sexy voice of his.

          I just thought of how good his hands had felt rubbing my neck, I wanted more of that. I rolled on my stomach with a happy sigh. I looked back over my shoulder in fear as I felt the oil being poured into the crack of my ass.

          “I’m gonna finger fuck your butt, dude. You gotta hot ass for a dude. Kinda big butt for a guy, it’s real soft.” Paul moaned and his hands massaged oil into my butt cheeks.

          I lay back down, the stud’s strong hands felt good. I guess I knew this could lead further but I just didn’t care at this point. Paul massaged my butt, he spread open my cheeks.

          “There some hairs around your hole dude. I just gotta stick my finger inside that little hairy hole, I just gotta.” Paul’s voice was so husky.

          I wanted him to be happy, if it meant a finger up my ass, I didn’t care. I spread my legs wider, giving him more access to do what ever he wanted. I just wanted to please this hot younger dude!

          There was a pressure and his index finger slipped inside my asshole. It felt a little weird, a little strange, but I didn’t mind it. Paul started telling me how hot my ass was, how good and tight it was inside.

          His finger moved inside of me, it flexed, it moved in and out, and his husky sexy voice kept telling me good things. A second finger entered me, there was some pain but I didn’t care. My nipples throbbed from the recent abuse but it was almost a sexual pain. Paul finger fucked my ass and my dick was so hard and leaking!

          “I gotta stick it in dude, I gotta fuck this hot tight hole.” Paul moaned. I looked back once again. He was oiling up that big dick of his, it was shining and gleaming. I sighed again and spread my legs even wider.

          He climbed on my back, his mouth was close to my ear. He muttered, “I’m gonna fuck you, dude, gonna fuck you right!”

          I just moaned, his body felt good on top of mine. His hard big fuck tool was resting against the crack of my ass. It all felt good and I wanted him to do whatever he needed!

          He lifted and that big pole spread my as crack opened, the head of it was against my asshole. I was ready, I was horned up and ready and willing!

          I wasn’t ready enough, when that fat dick head forced it’s way inside of my body, I could not hold back the scream! “Ah, fuck! It hurts! It hurts!”

          I was still screaming as the bedroom door flew open and Peter stepped in, “Fuck! Bro that’s my punk and my ass cherry!”

          “Cherry’s done popped bro, and I’m fucking!” Paul snickered and more and more of his big dick was being stuffed inside my butt!

          Peter yelled, “I told you to just have the punk suck you off, I was saving the ass!”

          “Too bad, bro, you should have done fucked him, I’m up in here now, and I’m gonna enjoy it!” Paul laughed.

          Peter’s anger left his face and voice. “Okay, Paulie, screw that fag’s ass good, make it hurt!”

          Paul grunted and suddenly shoved everything he had inside of me, all of it, one aching shove! I screamed again, louder I think. Even as I screamed I heard the two brothers laughing.

          And Paul began fucking me. As he drove that big dick in and out of my butt, he drove me to whimpers. He ground that dick in and out of my ass, stretching and hurting me. He slammed it, he fucked me hard.

          I whimpered in pain, the big hard prick hurt so bad! It was demolishing my ass! Peter moved and stood staring down at me, he grinned. “I know you like it faggot. How do ya like the game my little bro ran on you? He played you punk boy, he played ya!”

          I gulped and whimpered, Paul’s big dick drove thru my body, it hurt, it drove tears from my eyes.

          Paul laughed as he fucked me, “Ah, don’t listen to my big bro, right now I am in love with your little hairy asshole. You sucked my dick pretty good too. Don’t listen to Peter’s shit, he’s talking out of his ass. Try and squeeze your ass real tight for me, Davy, milk my dick!”

          Both of them laughed, they were laughing at me. I knew this. That big hard prick was still up my ass.

          Paul moaned, “Come on, dude, squeeze your hot little hairy hole for me, squeeze that hot ass for me!”

          Even though it hurt, it made it hurt worse, I began squeezing my ass ring for him. He moaned how good it felt, and I started using my ass hole to milk that big young hard dick!


Peter’s Punk Part 4


          Paul’s dick hurt, it hurt tremendously, it hurt even more as I locked my asshole tightly around it. I moaned in pain but I wanted it deep in me! I wanted to please him, I wanted to make him happy!

          From his grunts and groans, I was doing that. “Oh, yeah, make that hole tight for me! Oh, yeah, take my dick you slutty faggot!”

          He gripped my shoulders and started slamming that big teen cock in and out of my ass! Oh, it hurt, it hurt, and my cock was hard and leaking! His dick was too big, too thick, I had never even dreamed about getting fucked! He was too big for my little virgin ass!

          He was pounding that fuck weapon in and out of my body, my insides! That teenaged fuck tool was a ram rod battering the walls of my ass! Oh, he was slamming that salami so deep inside me! My body quivered as he fucked me, his hot body crashed into mine! This younger stud was a super fucker, he used that big dick!

          My body wasn’t the only thing quivering, my balls felt like they were also, they felt like they were drawing up! And then it happened!

          It was like something had built up in me, something powerful, something horrible! I didn’t even realize cum was spurting out of my dick, not the first burst anyway! I had blasted two times before I realized this new exquisite pain was caused by my climax!

          My dick felt ultra sensitive as it throbbed against the sheets, cum erupted as Paul’s big cock moved thru my guts. My asshole spasmed as my balls pumped.

          Paul groaned even louder then before, “Oh yeah, oh fuck! I’m cumming!” He jabbed that shooting fuck tool inside me hard, his warm spunk struck my ass walls! His balls were flooding my ass!

          He lay on top of me, breathing hard, I liked the way his chest moved as he caught his breath. That big dick was still inside me, growing softer and smaller. It had been taken care of, my ass had made it felt good. I had taken that huge thing inside my body and drained it, satisfied it.

          My ass felt raw as he slowly pulled out of me. There was an emptiness inside of me now, an empty void that only a big hard dick could fill.

          I looked towards Peter. He stood there totally naked, he was hard and ready! His dick was bigger then the one that had just fucked my cherry ass! It was thicker then the one that had just caused me so much pain and agony! And I wanted it inside of me!

          I would have begged for another fucking, I was so empty without a hard cock up my ass! Peter didn’t make me beg, he needed to fuck.

          I lay on my stomach, my legs spread wide. I watched him over my shoulder, watched him smirk as he looked down at me. I reached back and spread my ass, parting it for him. I felt the air touching my raw cum damp ass ring. I opened and closed it, inviting him to stick that huge cock deep in me!

          He didn’t waste any time, he climbed on my back. I sighed as I felt his weight on me. He shifted around, and that thick hard shaft was moving between my butt cakes, it touched my raw over fucked ass ring. I could feel how thick that prick was, oh, it was gonna hurt!

          I couldn’t help but scream as that hard thing was forced in my ass! Yeah, it hurt, it hurt like hell! He had just that big cock head in my ass, he had forced my ass ring to spread wide enough to take that fat fuck stick!

          “What’s the matter, punk? Why ya screaming? Is something hurting you?” Peter snickered.

          “Yeah, that big cock is hurting me dude!” I groaned. Even as I spoke, I squirmed, trying to arch up and get more of that thickness inside my ass!

          He fed me another inch, an inch of agonizing fuck pain! That fat tool was stretching me to an impossible size! The pain was searing its way into my mind! And I wanted it! I wanted it all deep inside me! I wanted every thing he could shove up in my ass!

          Peter shoved in another inch! I yelled out from the ache, but I knew I was gonna get all this cock! I screamed as I flexed my ass ring around his prick, I made my hole flutter and lock around that pole! I felt like my ass hole was splitting as I milked his cock with it!

          More dick, more of that thickness was in me. He snickered as he slowly fed that cock inside of my body. It was thicker then Paul’s huge stick, it was going deeper inside of me. It was rearranging my insides making space for its mass.

          The fat prick was so painful, there was so much of it! Yet, even as Peter’s pubes touched my ass, I wished there was even more! All I could do was moan from the agony of having that much cock stuffed inside my ass.

          “How’s that feel?” Peter asked, “How’s it feel having all of my dick inside you, punk?”

          “Fuck me, Peter, fuck me hard!” I groaned, “Fuck me real hard, fuck my ass!”

          Peter moved, snickering as he pulled the big hardness from my ass. Even with my cum drenched ass it felt like that cock was pulling my insides out with it. He left just the head of that thick fat shaft in me, then he shoved it all back inside where it belonged! I screamed, I screamed loud!

          He repeated this over and over, until my screams had reduced to whimpers, fuck whimpers of pain and pleasure. That cock felt so good and hurt so bad! It rippled inside me, warm, hard, and alive!

          He sighed, a happy almost satisfying sigh. He pulled that dick all the way out of me. I could feel my ass hole twitching, it was still open. I was empty again. I hadn’t felt him explode, I hadn’t felt the huge tool pumping inside of me!

          Then there was unbearable pain! I screamed as he shoved that fuck rod thru my twitching ass ring! It battered thru my asshole, it spread my ass walls that had tried to regain their normal size! Before my scream had ended, that cock was out of me again! Completely out once more and then shoving deep inside of me again!

          He repeated this over and over and over! My asshole was wide open fuck mush! That fuck shaft ripped my insides up! Tears ran from my eyes, tears caused from agony! And I loved it!

          Sweat dripped from Peter’s body, hot salty fuck sweat! He slammed into me so hard, he bounced off! He was torturing me with his hard fuck rod! My screams were now whimpers again, I whimpered and sobbed as that over endowed stud used me! It was a big hard battering ram tearing me up!

          “Oh, I can’t take it, fuck me, I can’t stand it!” I cried out. Peter rewarded my confession by pounding and slamming that rod up my ass even harder!

          I screamed again as my pounded bruised prostate could take no more! My balls were firing, shooting my worthless cum thru my hard dick! My abused, over stretched and over fucked asshole reacted to my latest climax! It spasmed, sending even more pain thru me as my nuts pumped!

          “Yeah!” was all Peter said as he joined me in orgasm. His cock swelled and throbbed as it poked inside of me, filling me with its fuck goo!

          I was exhausted, I was in pain. My asshole felt destroyed! I was filthy, cum dripped from my ass, my own cum was sticking to me. I was wet with sweat and my tears.

          Peter and Paul were done with me, they had used me. They were done with me for now. I suspected they would give me some more of those big dicks again. I dressed and left with the typical ‘later dudes’. I needed to go home and clean up. I needed to feel of my wide opened asshole. I couldn’t wait to jump in the shower and stick my fingers inside and fill that emptiness inside of me. Oh, yeah, I’d get more, lots more dick.

The End




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