Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Freshman

I apologize to all you hardcore football fans. What I know about the rules and regulations of the sport you could put on the head of a pin. So please bare with me.

My name is Eddy Townsend. I am a freshman at University of San Francisco on a scholarship as the third string Quarterback. Considering I’m majoring in Physical Education, it’s perfect. I had been scouted in my final Year of High school in Portland Oregon. Although San Francisco was my last choice, I accepted the full scholarship.

My only gay friend in Portland had told me about several gay beaches in the San Francisco area including one next to a state park. He said you could even camp there and there was also a good chance of hooking up.

So I drove to San Francisco early and registered, got a shit load of information, was assigned a dorm. After unpacking, I left my tent and sleeping bag in the car. Bought some easy to cook food and beer for my cooler and headed for the State park.

After paying the small fee to camp overnight, I pulled into one of the sites. I saw several other tents and a couple of trailers. The first thing I saw when I climbed out of the car was a sign. It said “Clothing Optional Beach”. Wow, they even advertise it. I set up my tent, changed into my Speedos, grabbed a small cold pack with a few beer and water bottles, a towel and sunscreen and headed through the big dunes to the beach.
 I was just a little bit self conscious as I walked onto the beach. Everyone seemed to ignore me so I laid out my towel, sat down and put on sunscreen. I was checking both ways down the beach and noticed that no women were present and about half the men were nude. When in Rome, I stripped off my Speedos and laid back. Damn it was nice to lay in the sun naked. eel the wind and sun on my balls and cock. Several guys casually walked by nude. I know they checked me out as I checked them. A few were well built black guys. I wasn't worried about burning, except my balls, I had got lots of sun during the summer back home. After several hours and several beers I had to piss like a race horse. Figured it was time to head back and without thinking about it just stood up, grabbed my stuff and headed off the beach.
n the dunes and headed back to my camp site. Set up my stove, pulled o

I pissed i
ut a lounge chair and grabbed another beer. I figured I could cook up hot dogs later. I saw later that small fires were allowed so I started one in the small fire pit. I roasted my hot dogs over the fire.

As I was sitting having an after dinner beer, the big muscular negro guy I had seen on the beach walked up. He had board shorts on only, showing off his very muscular chest.
 "Hi." He said.


"My names Jerry, I see your camping alone. Mind if I join you. I'm pretty much alone myself."

"Sure sit down. My name is Eddy. Would you like a beer?"

"Sounds good." I handed him a cold beer.

"I haven't seen you around before. New to San Francisco?"

Yeah. I'm on a scholarship to SFU."

"What's your major?" He asked casually.

"Phys Ed."

"Great, I'll probably see a lot of you. I'm a offensive line backer."
 "Thought you looked like a football player. Maybe I'll see you on the field. SF brought me here as third string back up quarterback."

"Shit. No kidding? I'll definitely see you then."

I couldn't see much in his board shorts except a faint outline of his cock. Remembering the beach I knew he had a pretty big cock. After couple more beers he said see you around and wandered off. Fuck I would have loved to suck on that cock. Just wasn't sure of the reaction of the School about queers. Well at least I could dream about it.

After letting the fire die out, I climbed into my tent, stripped off my shorts and laid on top of my sleeping bag. It was just too hot still to cover up. Beer induced sleep came easy.

I thought I was having the most erotic dream ever. When I chocked, I opened my eyes and knew it was not a dream. The biggest balls I had ever seen were descending toward my face and something thick and long was pushing into my throat. As I gagged on that cock.

"Just swallow boy and you'll get used to it." I heard.
 The next time I started to gag I did try to swallow, the cock slipped deeper into my throat. After several strokes he again drove it deep into my throat as I vainly tried to swallow. I definitely couldn't breath. After a bit he eased off and then pushed it back to the base of my throat. It did get easier, but I still gagged a bit.  "Your getting better boy. Now get ready to swallow." He said.

Two more strokes and my mouth and throat were overflowing with his salty spunk. I had no choice but swallow or drown I thought. After he was done he pulled out and turned around.

"I will be seeing a lot of you boy. You suck real good. Maybe later I'll fuck your white ass too." He then climbed out of my tent and disappeared.

Thinking about having that black cock in my mouth got me off with just a few stokes. Sleep came easy again, now full of his cum and beer.
 The next morning I contemplated leaving, but had paid for four days and University did not start for a week, so I stayed. I walked to the small concession and got a light breakfast. As soon as it started to heat up I grabbed my towel and sun screen and headed for the beach. No Speedos this time. Fuck it I would go nude from now on. Just maybe I might attract another cock to suck. It was pretty quiet on the beach in the morning until about Eleven. I saw the black guy I had sucked off walking up the beach. He came right to me and sat down.

"Hi Eddy, how you doing today?"

"I'm fine Jerry. You?"

"Good, real good. Eddy you have a very talented mouth. I'm going to really enjoy using it."

"I sure hope so." I said and he looked very surprised.

"You enjoyed it. Cool. I guess you will enjoy the other guys that like a white cocksucker."

"What other guys?" I said now sorry I had told him what I did.

"There's several guys that like to get sucked off. Not all are gay, but they still love to bust a nut inside a white mouth. You got a dorm room yet?"
 "Yes, they assigned me one when I registered."

"Well give me the number and I'll have your stuff moved to my room. I'm a second year guy so it will be okay."

Two, twenty two in Gibson Block." I said instantly.

Why I told him so quick was beyond me, maybe my mind was already made up that I wanted his and other cocks in my mouth. I really had enjoyed last night.

"Lets go for a walk." He said.

I got up and followed him as he walked into the dunes. He stopped pissed and then turned around. He pulled me close and pushed me to my knees.

"You remember last night, well just remember to swallow when you start to gag." He pushed his cock into my mouth.

I remembered all to well and loved to swallow his cock. He slowly fucked my face. HE held one hand on my head as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. 
 "Damn you are good Eddy." He groaned and his cock thickened. Four big salty blasts filled my mouth and throat. I didn't think it was as salty as last night. When he pulled out I jacked his cock a couple of times and licked off the small beads of cum.

After I was done, he pulled me up and we walked back to the beach. We both sat down and I pulled out a couple of beers.

"Your pretty much going to have to unlearn all you did in high school. The coach here only likes his game plan and his plays. He won't let any one do their own thing."

"Well, I like both the short and long pass. I even made up a few plays, that worked over and over again. Always gained good yardage."

"Well the scouts must have seen something Eddy, but as third backup you won't be playing much unless one of the others gets hurt. I'm not going to let that happen."

"Well, I'm a pocket quarter back. I like it inside the protection."

"Well, I will see you later Eddy. I'll be over tonight for a BJ."

"I'll be waiting Jerry." He got up and wandered down the beach.

I had a hard time staying soft as I sunned myself. Finally I just got up and left the beach. I sat under a big umbrella I had and slept for a few hours. After making myself some dinner, I sat back to wait for Jerry.

No preliminaries this time. He just walked up, pushed down his shorts and pulled me onto his cock. After getting him off he helped himself to a beer and sat down.

He didn't say a word just sat and stirred the fire.

"Jerry, you said you wanted to fuck me too."

"Yeah, I do, but I will wait until we have time to do it properly."

"Well I have to tell you, it has been a long time since I had a cock in my ass. Getting yours in there is going to put me in a world of hurt."

"Don't worry Eddy. I'll pick a long Weekend so you have time to recover."
"Jerry, it's five days until University starts. How about now?"

"Wow! You want my cock in you now?"

"Got any lube?"

"No, but I could suck you until your wet and slippery."

"Well, I have some back in my camp. Hold that thought Eddy, your going to get a big black cock up your ass tonight."

He walked off into the gloom. Why did I want him to fuck me was beyond my wildest thoughts. I did love to have a cock in my ass, but Jerry had a real huge cock. This was definitely going to hurt. My friend in Portland hadn't fucked me for almost six months. Like me he loved a cock in him too so I had fucked him.

Jerry came back and sat down.

"Eddy the first time I am going use doggy style. It gives me a little more control."

"Okay." Was all I said.

"You sure about this Eddy? It's probably going to really hurt until you get used to my cock."
 Sure? No. But I still want you to fuck me."


Jerry got up and rolled one of the larger stumps over. He pulled my sleeping bag out and folded it up and placed it over the stump.  "Lay down over the Stump Eddy."

I did as he said. I felt the cool liquid as he covered my hole with lube. Then I felt one of his fingers. I knew his hands were like meat hooks, huge with long thick fingers. One felt good and even two, but when he started in with a third I groaned in pain. Jerry slowed down his finger assault and found my love button. That made me moan and he pushed the three fingers deeper. He worked the three fingers for a while. I knew when he stopped and pulled them out.  His cock would come next. I felt his fingers slide out to be replaced almost at once with his cock head. It entered past my rings easy. When the thick barrel of his cock started in that was when the pain started. I gritted my teeth trying not to scream at the intrusion of that beer can sized cock. Jerry would push in and stop. Pull back stop and then push in again. Each inward thrust slid over my prostrate. That sent waves of mixed feelings to my brain. One feeling was pain the other was pure pleasure. For several minutes it was that pain / pleasure dance inside my ass. Finally he stopped.
 "You got eight inches inside you now boy." He said.  "Damn are you hot inside. I could blow without even moving."  He started real slow, pull back and then push inside. It didn't take long before all I wanted was him to fuck me faster and harder. God I loved to have a cock up my shit chute.

My moans pushed Jerry to move faster. Very soon I felt his balls slapping on my ass. "Fuck boy, your getting all ten inches."

He lasted a long time and I hoped it would never end. Finally I felt the hot blast of his super heated cum filling my hole. My cock erupted and sprayed the ground.

As he pulled out he told me not to move.

"I brought a couple of friends for sloppy seconds."

Well unless his two friends were doing it one after another, I think I had six cocks in my ass before I was allowed to sit up. My hole was sore, but not as sore as the first time I was fucked. Maybe the ass remembered. Very little was draining from my ass, so I figured the other guys had used condoms. I knew Jerry had not. Only Jerry was sitting by the fire. He had fired on a few small logs to build it up.

"How are you feeling Eddy?"
 "I'm fine Jerry. You going to do me again?"

"You want me too?"

"Yes. As many times as you want."

"Fuck are we going to get along in Dorms."

He pushed me onto my back and entered me in one thrust.

"Oh god yes Jerry, Fuck me man, fuck me hard."

Jerry did just that and I loved it for the whole time. His second load filled my ass and I almost passed out in pleasure. If this was the norm at university, I would love all four years. I wasn't to thrilled when he forced me to clean his cock. After a beer I never even noticed.

We spent two more wonderful days. Sun and sand during the day, and fucking almost all night. I did get fucked by a wide assortment of guys at the beach. One guy gave me a blowjob. Jerry told me he had a couple of home boys who be happy to suck me off. I had a feeling they really didn't have a choice in the matter, like either suck the white boy or I'll fuck your black asses. Jerry had that much clout I found out later.
 After my four days were up, Jerry told me the guy who had given him a ride had left. So we packed his shit into my car for the drive back. After unloading he brought me up to his room. All my stuff was already there and unpacked. Even my computer had been set up and hooked to the SFU internet.

"How did you do this?" I asked.

"Fairy good friends in high places." He laughed.

Come on, I'll introduce you to most of the team. Not all are into screwing guys so just go with the flow."

We spent about an hour, as he showed me around the dorm introducing me to about thirty team members. There were several other guys he introduced me to, also. These he said after liked cock both ways and he had fucked most himself. After getting back to our room Jerry just pushed me to the bed, while he fucked my face. After getting big balls off, he sat down.

"So, I'm going to be your cock boy from now on eh?" I said.

"Not at all Eddy. Eddy I'm gay and although only a top I used to love to suck guys off. In my younger years I loved the taste of cum in my mouth. Last year a fourth year student who I had been screwing off and on asked me to suck his cock. I did, but asked him to pull out before he came. He didn't and his cum was so bitter I puked after he pulled out. I also beat the shit out of him. Almost got me suspended for it too. I vowed never again after that. I'd let guys suck me and fuck them if they wanted, but I wasn't going to blow anybody again."
"Look Jerry, I'm not disagreeing with you. I love to suck cocks and I love the taste of cum. Even yours is pretty salty, but that's probably due to your diet. Maybe try more ice cream and pineapple juice." I chuckled.

"Do those work?"

"That's what I have heard, but in reality to me it doesn't matter."

The next two days were pretty quiet. Jerry did fuck me both nights and he still insisted I clean him after. I got sort of used to it. Monday classes started and I didn't see him until phys Ed class in the late afternoon. The coach Jake Thompson, introduced me and several other players that had joined the team. We did exercises and ran around the field a few times, just so he could see how good shape his team was. That was mostly it for the team, but I still had to take notes and prepare material for my class in Phys ed. By the time I hit the showers, most of the guys had left, except of course Jerry. Jerry introduced me to an outside receiver named Brian. While Jerry fucked me against a wall of the shower Brian sucked me off. Then Brian fucked me. Not bad, a new cock and a guy that liked to suck besides. I’m going to love University.
 That was pretty much the routine the first week. I never even went on the field for practice. It did give me more time for my lessons and meant I was in the showers at the same time as the team. Gave me a wonderful view of a lot of cocks, some of which I knew I was going to feel in my mouth and ass.

Friday after almost all the guys had left except a few of Jerry's friends, they lined up in a circle in the shower and I sucked all six guys off. A different black guy sucked me off, while another of Jerry's friends fucked me. Sure didn't need much real food that night.

Friday night Jerry took me to a Gay Club in downtown. He introduced me around, but also made it quite clear that I was hands off. I was his bitch he said to one guy who looked like he really wanted to fuck my ass. "He's a real sadistic son of a bitch." Jerry said. "I heard he bit a guys tit off one night while he was fucking him. He likes it real rough."

We had a few drinks and danced. Several guys sat with us to talk football, fans of San Francisco. When they found out I was a Phys Ed Major and a backup quarterback they were really impressed. I wasn't your big all American type football player. I was about five foot eleven and weighed in at close to 180. Sure I was in great shape and could take hits from much bigger guys, if they could catch me. I was fast on my feet.

The second week was pretty much the same, except on Monday the coach handed me the play book.

"Learn them all Townsend and we'll see." Was all he said.

Well learning was easy to me. The play book had about a hundred different offensive play and a few special team plays. Some I saw were just variations on other plays. Real easy to memorize. Fucking and sucking happened everyday after practice. Jerry told me to just wait until the preseason started, I'd be very sore after one of those games.

"Everyone loves to bust a nut after a real game."

"Hope I'm not the only one on the receiving end." That got a laugh from Brian, the receiver that was fucking me as Jerry talked.

"No even Brian here will be receiving a few passes." Jerry laughed.

"Fuck I can hardly wait." Brian said.

"Why don't you let Eddy fuck you Brian?"

"Well I figured he was only a bottom. I prefer to bottom, but I just love to suck cock." 
"Come to my room later Brian and I'll let Eddy fuck your tight little ass."
 Well I fucked Brian on his back while Jerry fucked me doggy style. It was a real hot night. I fell asleep with Brian very late.

In the morning Jerry was already gone. Saturday Jerry usually took off early. I didn't know where he went but always came back horny. Saturday night I usually got fucked by Jerry all night.

Brian and I sucked each other off and after a long hot shower Brian fucked me again. I liked Brian a lot more than I did Jerry. Brian's cock was only about seven inches but nice and thick. He always fucked me with deep slow strokes and always drove me to blow before he was done.

After he was done I sucked him clean as I did Jerry.

"Fuck man you don't have to do that." Brian said.

"Well Brian I'm falling in love with you and your cock."

"Eddy, I fell in love with you the first day I met you."
 "What do I tell Jerry?" I said.

"Well now there's the problem. I'm in love with Jerry too."

"I guess I am too Brian. Have you told him how you feel?"

"No way man. Jerry is not the type to fall in love. All he wants is asses he can fuck and mouths to drain his cock into."

"I'm not sure about that Brian."

"Well it's not going to be today. Want to come back to my room?"

"Sure we can grab a snack from the Canteen."

Brian was a Physical Education Sciences Major. Sort of like phys Ed but different in that he studied the result of contact sports on the human body. We sort of had a lot of contact sport most of the afternoon. Even Joshua, a white kid that was his roommate joined in although Joshua was only a top, straight guy. He loved it when I sucked his cock while Brian fucked my ass, but Joshua wouldn't do anything else. I figured he was a closet gay and could probably be made to come out a little. Another time maybe.
 I was surprised Jerry didn't come back Saturday night. He didn't get back until almost eight on Sunday. I knew as soon as he walked in something was bothering him. He stripped and walked into our shower. I followed and he pulled me into the shower, pushed me down and shoved his soft cock into my mouth. Then he pissed. Fuck I was so shocked I yanked away from him stood up.

"Fuck you man I am not drinking your piss."

I left the shower and washed out my mouth with Mouth wash and then brushed my teeth.

"Never again, Jerry! I will never drink your piss. You want your cock cleaned after you fuck me, try washing it like any other guy. You can fuck me and I'll suck you off, but you try any other shit and I beat your ass." I was fucking livid.

He looked at me a bemused smile when I said I would kick his ass.

I went out and tried to read. Jerry came out and sat down.

"I'm sorry Eddy. It will never happen again." He said and then laid down.

Love, lust, love lust. I didn't know anymore what I felt for Jerry. I knew I loved his big cock in my mouth and ass, but was it love or lust. I didn't sleep well that night.

The next few weeks was pretty much the same. I still sucked Jerry and he fucked me. I also got fucked a lot by Brian and I screwed his black ass too. Preseason games were in full swing, but I was left out. Now in my second month I dropped one of my electives to concentrate on Phys Ed. It gave me two study periods a week.

The team was on the road one Friday as I headed for study hall. A Native American guy I had seen walked up to me.

"Hey Eddy. How you doing?"

"I'm okay."

"Jerry told me you liked to suck and told me it was okay if you did me. Interested?"

Well I have never sucked a native guy and what the hell it was only study period and Jerry and Brian were away, so why not.

"Okay, got a place we can go?"
 "Sure, come on."

He led me to the maintenance building and down a flight of stairs and into a room. Junk covered most of the floor, along with several crates.

"No one comes here." He said as he undid his jeans.

As he lowered his shorts I saw a thick uncut cock. I knelt down and took him into my mouth. He got hard and huge real quick. He grabbed my head and started to ram his cock into my mouth.
"Come on, you fucking white faggot, suck my cock." He growled.

He held my head as he hammered his cock into my face. Fuck what had I invited. He just continued until his thick bitter cum blasted into my mouth.

"Swallow it cocksucker, swallow all of it." He said.

As he started to go soft he stepped back and kicked me square in the nuts.

"I hate faggots, but I really needed a blow job. You're a pathetic little faggot worm."
 As I curled into a ball in pain he continued kicking me; in the face and then again in my side. Fuck I thought I was going to die. I guess I passed out.

When I came to, it was dark in the room. In pain, I slowly stood up. I found the door and staggered up the stairs and outside. It was dark out so I knew it was very late. I wondered how long I was out. The quad had no one walking so I knew it was real late. It took me the better part of an hour to get back to my dorm room. I stripped and climbed in the shower and screamed in pain when the water hit my body. I washed myself off and then made my way to the big mirror. My left eye was almost closed and I had bruises covering my chest and stomach. Fuck he had really laid a beating on me. I made it to my bed and collapsed.

That's how Jerry and Brian found me. Sprawled on my stomach totally naked.

"Wow, nice view." Jerry laughed.

When Brian sat down and ran a hand along my back I yelped.

I rolled over and Jerry's mouth fell open.

"What the fuck." He almost yelled and was beside instantly.

"Who did this to you Eddy? I'll kill the cocksucker."
 "Later Jerry, God I hurt." I know tears were running down my face.

Brian got up and ran from the room. Jerry sat down close. Wonder of wonder, I saw tears on Jerry's face. This big huge black man was crying. Brian came back in and placed an ice bag gently over my eye. When I looked he too was crying. Jesus these guys really did love me more than just as a receptacle for their spent sperm.

"I’d love to do you both, but maybe later." I groaned.

"You just take it easy Eddy." Jerry said.

They covered me with a sheet and went and sat on Jerry's bed.

"I'm going to rip the guy’s nuts off; who did this to ya Eddy." Jerry said.

"Jerry, I love Eddy." Brian said.

"Problem is Jerry, I love you too."

I watched all kinds of emotions crossing Jerry's face. Then he pulled Brian into his arms.

"I guess I kind of love you both too Brian."
 Brian pushed back and then kissed Jerry. Jerry didn't respond for several seconds and then they were both in a lip lock. I watched the two big black boys kiss.

"Hope you save some of that for me." I groaned.

Jerry was sitting on my bed instantly. I watched as those wonderful lips came down. As he started to kiss me I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down. The tear ducts went into full production, some from the pain of his huge chest pressing down on my sore ribs, but mostly because I had the one I loved more than anything kissing me. When I released him he sat back and Brian leaned down and kissed me. I held just his head as his tongue darted into my mouth. Even through my pain I felt myself getting aroused. Having these two wonderful guys kissing me overrode all my pain.

Jerry and Brian slept together the rest of the night. I guess I sort of slept.

In the morning both guys helped me as I pissed and then showered. After drying off I looked in the mirror. I could see out of my eye, but it was still blood shot and a huge black ring circled the entire eye. My ribs hurt, but not as much as the night before. Although the swelling in my nuts had gone down, they still hurt like hell. In reality I hurt all over, maybe it was natures way of telling me to rest. I went back and laid down.

"Feeling better now Eddy?" Jerry asked.
"Yeah, much better love."

"Brian's gone to grab some breakfast."

"Eddy, I guess I should have told you sooner. When Brian told me last night how he felt about me and you, I knew I had felt that about you for a long time. Eddy, I would do anything for you. I guess I'm off the market, all I ever want is you, all of you."

"Jerry, I have loved you almost from that first night you fucked me. I know I love cocks in both my holes, but in reality all I wanted was yours and now I want Brian's too. I hope you two can share me. I love him as much as I love you."

"Yeah Baby, we can share. I love Brian too."

"Help me sit up." I said.

Jerry was standing about two feet away. I saw that wonderful black snake hanging down soft. I reached forward and lifted it and slipped it into my mouth. Jerry stepped back.

"No love you don't have to that." He said.
 "Jerry, I do. I want yours and I want Brian's inside me together. Later I want you both to fuck me so your mixed together in all of me. Come closer love."

Reluctantly Jerry moved forward and I sucked on his cock. He got hard real quick and I loved the feel of his thick cock sliding in and out of my throat. He never forced it, just let me go at my own pace. I felt the head of his cock swelling and pulled him into my throat. He moaned as his thick salty load blasted into my throat. I just swallowed it all. As I sat back, I saw Brian watching.

"Come on Brian, your next."

"I'll do it later Eddy." He said.

"No Brian, I want it now. I want both your loads inside me."

Jerry pulled Brian in front of me.

"Do it Brian." He almost ordered Brian.
 After Brian had blown his sweet load, I pulled both guys down beside me. I leaned in and kissed Jerry, pushing some of Brian's cum into his mouth. His eyes opened real wide, figuring out what I had done, but it didn't stop him from returning the kiss. I then did the same for Brian.
Jerry just sat and looked at me for a few minutes. I was about to lay back down when he squatted between my legs and took my cock into his mouth.

"No, please Jerry. You don't have to do that."

He stopped and looked at me.

"Yes my love I do. I want all of you." He dropped back onto my cock.

To be sure he was a great cocksucker, but I really wasn't in the mood. My balls ached like crazy and even though I was hard, I was sure I couldn't get off. Jerry didn't seem to care, and his ministrations on my cock finally got him what he wanted. I actually screamed in pain when I came, my balls had pulled up tight and they really hurt. I watched as he rolled my cum around in his mouth before he swallowed.

"I'm sorry I hurt you love, but I just had to do it. You taste great."

Very soon after that I had both guys holding me as I laid on the narrow bed. I had a fleeting thought that we would have to find a bigger bed.
 I slept real good, with the arms of the two guys I loved draped over me.

They nursed me the rest of the weekend and did fuck me at my insistence. I also sucked them both off and both Brian and Jerry sucked me off.

Monday I was in pretty good shape, but still had a real shiner for a left eye. My ribs didn't hurt and my balls were near normal. Jerry tried to get me to tell him who had beaten me, but I was worried he might get booted out if I told him and he beat the guy up. In the end it wasn't me who told who did it to me. A couple of guys had seen the Native going into the maintenance building with me and had put two and two together. Several members of the football team beat the guy senseless. The coach asked what ten ton truck I had run in front of, but that was all.  I even got to run a few plays in practice. He told me he would put me in for a few plays for the last preseason game against LA next weekend.

This was Varsity Football, not the professional game, but I was looking forward to playing. San Francisco had the Forty Niners. Jerry and Brian took me to a preseason game against Dallas on Thursday. Things had changed in the showers too, Jerry and Brian were much more possessive. Only a few were allowed to fuck me and those were part of the offensive line of the team.
 Saturday night, the big game and my chance to show what I could do. I was looking forward to after the game when Jerry told me lots of guys needed to get off. Same old, same old. All I did was sit on the bench for most of the game. We were down by six points with only 7 minutes to play when the coach came to me.

"Okay Townsend, the scouts said they saw a lot of potential in you. Forget the playbook and show me what you got. You pick the play."

We were first and ten on our own ten yard line. I knew my longest throw was about 65 yards. I needed to get into range. I called a few short passes and slowly gained yards. I intermixed my short passes with rushing. Problem was it used a lot of time on the clock. With just two minutes plus I figured it was time for one of the plays I had pulled back in Portland.

"Okay guys this is going to be different. Sammy and Thomas I want you both to go for a short pass. Who ever is in the open will get the ball. As soon as I throw, I'll move forward into the pocket, when you catch it lateral it back. Johnson run like the wind. It's going to be coming at you along the right field line 60 yards down. On three!  Jerry you got to keep them off me for maybe 4 seconds."

"No one will touch you Eddy. I promise." He said. I couldn't believe it went as easy as it did. Sammy got the pass and quickly lateraled it back. I just grabbed it and fired it down the field, aiming for the 25 yard line of LA. Brian was right under it when it arrived and almost walked into the end zone. Touch down. I hardly even noticed the late hit and picked myself up. A referee did and a flag dropped.
 LA was assessed twenty five yards on the kick off. The single point put us ahead by one.

"What the fuck was that Townsend?" The coach asked.

"I called it my double barreled shotgun."

"Well, it worked, but I have to see the films. Might just add it. Good playing Townsend."

"Thanks coach."

I got a lot of claps on the back and a lot more when that point after proved to be the game winner. I also ended up with a shit load of cocks up my ass and down my throat during the after game party. I loved them all but was pretty sore come Sunday afternoon when I finally woke up.

Regular season and my workload jumped in Phys Ed. Not much time for football, as I had to work with other sports too including Basketball. Brian finally moved in with Jerry and me and we did get a bigger bed. Now with a double replacing the two singles we had a more comfortable time for sex. We always slept together at night. My two strong lovers cuddled up close. It soon became apparent to the other guys that had been screwing me that Brian and Jerry had exclusive right to me. Getting fucked by others dropped off dramatically. I still sucked a few guys, but only Jerry and Brian used my ass, which was fine with me.
 SFU was pretty high in the inter-college standings and we had a good chance of getting to the State finals. That changed when the backup quarterback went down with a dislocated shoulder. He was out for the season. Coach called me to his office.

"Eddy, your going to dress for every game left. Johnson is out for the season. Your now my backup. I have already talked to your teachers and they have agreed. We have six games left in regular season. If we win three we’re in the semi's."

"I won't let you down coach."

"Well I know you, Brian and Jerry are pretty much a group. They'll bring you up to speed I'm sure."

When my mouth dropped open, he laughed.

"Eddy, the whole school knows you guys are partners. I'm not sure how it works with three, but those two are two of my best players. What you did against LA, in the preseason, tells me you know your way around a football field. Now with all three of you, I don't know how we could lose."
 Practice was now everyday. Sometimes all I did was throw long and short passes. I was very seldom used for inter-team scrimmages. The one day close to a game coach sent me in to run a few plays. After getting hit hard three times in a row, I pulled the guys back.

"Look guys, I hate the shotgun. So you line backers are going to have to keep the defenses off me for three seconds at most. I work best inside the pocket. Receivers', run your pattern, the ball will be coming at the one that is open the most. I hope you guys got sticky fingers cause it is going to be coming fast. I know some of you are pissed that I only love two guys on this team, but we are a team. I need your help as much as you need mine. Tank your up next. On three guys."

Tank was a two hundred and fifty pound rusher. I had seen him several games run right over defensemen. He did the same on the next play. We moved about 7 yards. The next I went for as short pass and it hit the receiver so fast it bounced out of his hands.

He got a lot of ribbing from the guys as we huddled up.

"Okay same again. It's coming to you again Sammy. Think you can grab it this time?"

"No sweat man. Now I know what you meant by fast."

He caught it and on the next play I sent my receivers deep. Brian got one on the 10 yard line and walked into the end zone. The coach called it then.
 "Well I see your arm is still in shape. Good plays Eddy."

Even the defense guys came up and congratulated me along with Jerald Smith the number one quarterback.

"Glad you’re on our side Eddy." He said. The first words he had for me all year.

Back in our dorm room Jerry was ecstatic.

"Fuck man you are something else. I guarantee from now on no one will every get near you love."

"Well with a line that backs me and Brian here, as my premier receiver, we can't go wrong."

Making love with the two of them that night was even sweeter.

Then in the afterglow of a long night Jerry said something that almost blew my mind.

"Eddy, we make the State and I'm going to let you take my cherry."

"Whoa, No Jerry. You're my top man. I just want you inside along with Brian. Brian lets me fuck him so I am okay."
 "Your wrong Eddy. I love you so much it hurts inside sometimes. I want to be like you and Brian. I asked Brian to fuck me and he refused. He said you had to do it. Only then would Brian even think about it. You’re good Eddy, probably better than Smith. The coach knows it. Smith has signed with Dallas. He'll be NFL next year. You will be number one. I want to be more than just your top Eddy. I want to be the same as you. I want you to be my top too."

Thinking about sliding my cock into that very firm ass got me hard.

"You see Brian, He's definitely interested." Jerry dived down on my cock. I pulled Brian close and took his cock into my mouth and he swung around and pulled Jerry's into his. A long very enjoyable suck session. Jerry didn't stop after I came and soon I wanted to fuck his face. As I started to pump my cock into his face, he grabbed my hips and pulled me deeper with each thrust. He was also fucking Brian's face, as Brian fucked mine. I wished it would go on forever, but I blew again and wilted. Both Jerry and Brian blew about the same time.

After we rested I asked both guys to fuck me. Brian suggested he fuck me while Jerry fucked him. Jerry agreed.

"After Eddy takes my cherry, you can fuck me while I fuck Eddy." Jerry said.

Thinking about that got me hard again.
 "Eddy, will you take it now. I'm not sure I can wait until the finals."

"No love. It will give you a chance to think about it and back out if we don't make it. Besides all you need do is let a few hits get through and we'll lose." I laughed.

"That's not funny Eddy. No one and I mean no one is going to lay a hand on you when you’re on the field."

"Hey love, I was only kidding, now how about one of you guys take your great big cock and fuck me."

We spent the next hours fucking and sucking. I still cleaned both their cocks after they fucked and it didn't matter to me if it was Jerry's or Brian's cock or who they had just fucked. Sleep later came real easy with the two guys I loved cuddled up next to me.

The next game against LA was almost a copy of the the preseason game. I went in the latter part of the game. I didn't make a touch down but brought us with in three points with a field goal. LA threw an interception on the first play and the defensive back ran it to the six yard line. Two plays later we had six points and the game in hand. The clock ran out on the last play.

The next game against Sacramento we almost lost. Jerry was sitting on bench beside me.
 "That cocksucker is trying to protect himself." He said.


"Smith, he's already got a birth in the NFL and wants to make sure he gets there healthy."

Jerry got up and stormed down the line of players. I saw him talking with Smith.

Sacramento shot themselves in the foot. They took two roughing penalties and gained us 50 yards with out almost touching the ball. I watched the quarterback and he really was trying to make sure he didn't get hit. We made to field goal range and won by two points. Fuck I was pissed at how the guy played. I wrote up a large report on how it was possible that guys who had been signed could in reality throw college games to protect their position in Professional Sports. I didn't know the coach had to read all my position reports. He called me to his office.

"You can't submit this Eddy. It will put a real bad light on some people."

"Coach, it's true."

"Yeah I know, but you submit this and some of those guys might lose their contracts."

"Big deal. Coach its this team that got them a chance in the NFL. You want a player on your team when someone else offers them big money to play and then they pull their punches. I don't give a shit about Smith. He wants to fuck himself fine. Don't blame me when I tell it like it is."

"Eddy, you've been scouted here too. Want to screw up your chances too?"

"Coach, I'm a first year student. I want my degree. I want to teach, maybe football to kids. Teach them that the only thing that matters is who you are playing for now, not some pie in the sky. Give your all. Tell whoever is looking at me to come back in four years after the season is over."

"You going to use this as your final this year?"

"I had thought about it."

"Well I suggest you research it more and then let me read your final submission."

"Will do Coach."
 We won our next four games easy and then lost to the only team this year we had not beaten, San Diego. That meant we played them for the State championship. SFU had been in the game the last two years and always lost to San Diego. Maybe third time was the charm. LA was host City for the big Game and it was held in the Olympic Stadium. When I first saw for real it was huge. Every team in the conference would have fans here, but I figured it would take more than that to fill this place.

Jerry, Brian and I had a room to ourselves. Our love making was gentle that night. Saving all our energy for this one big game. God I wanted us to win, maybe selfish, I wanted to screw Jerry's black ass. He had said if we won and I was determined to win. But of course that was out of my hands and in the very capable hands of Smith, if he played.

Well after all the fanfare, the game went pretty good. It really was a defensive battle. Both teams were having problems putting any range on their throws. At the half we were down one touchdown. Nine to three. All field goals.

On the first play of the second half Smith took a late hit. It cost San Diego 25 yards, but more important, it took Smith out of the game. I was already putting my helmet on when the coach yelled.

"Townsend, show what you got."

I trotted on the field into the huddle.
 "Okay guys we got to shake these guys up. Three quick plays no huddle. Pass right, rush, pass right. Brian you and Samson both go deep on all three. You guys are going to have to hustle back. Also I want you receivers to change sides on each play. Questions?"

I saw smiles all around.
"On three."

Well we picked up eight yards. Fourth and two at their 45. I looked at coach and he just looked back at me.

"Okay guys razzle dazzle time. Short pass to you Samson and lateral it back, Brian you better be real deep."

"I'll be there Eddy."

"Relax Eddy, I said when your on the field no one is going to touch you." Jerry said.

One thing no one knew was I could chuck a football with both hands. Brian was going to on the left side, that meant a throw with my right. I had up until now thrown only with my left. It gave me a few nanoseconds extra.

Well the play went well, except San Diego got to Brian before he made it into the end zone. This close to their goal line San Diego was murder on defense. We settled for another field goal.
 Weather it was me on the field or just the change in tactics, our defense held San Diego to just 6 yards on their next possession. Their punt was a long one but Kelly Stoner, another NFL pick ran it back almost 65 yards. Two plays later we had our first touchdown. Boy that was sweet. I was almost mobbed on the sidelines.

That touchdown brought everything together. With the defense and offensive line firing on all cylinders we picked apart San Diego and put two more unanswered touchdowns on the board by the end of the third period.

The fourth period was almost a carbon copy of the third. My ability to throw with both hands and by switching my receivers around threw a wrench into the San Diego defense. We were ahead by 26 by the two minute warning. It was all over but the crying. Weather for spite or just an accident I took a late hit with less than thirty seconds to go. It was hit I didn't get back up from. The guy really rang my bell. Smith came in to finish the last play of the game. I was on a stretcher. That didn't stop the team and fans from crowding around me. Even Smith came up and shook my hand.

So much for celebrating. I had a mild concussion. Kept on my back all the way back home. Too bad we were on a bus, I could have used one of my boys right then.

Jerry and Brian doted on me all the time I was laid up. Finally given a clean bill of health, I got back to classes. Also had to prepare for the inter state game against Dallas. Jerry was real pissed at himself for allowing that guy to get to me. I tried to tell him he couldn't cover for the late hits all the time, but he would have none of it.

Exactly one week before we headed for Dallas, Brian and Jerry walked into our dorm room. Brian locked the door. Jerry started to slowly undress.

"Okay love time to make me your lover. I want your cock inside me."

Brian went into the bathroom and came out with his shaving gear. I watched with a very hard cock as Brian shaved Jerry's ass. Too bad I loved to rim his hairy ass. When they were done Jerry laid on the bed and lifted his legs.

"Go easy love. I never had a cock in there before."

I started with my tongue on his hole. That got him squirming and Brian was rock hard as he watched. I used lots of lube and pushed one finger into Jerry. He groaned in pain as my digit slipped into his virgin hole. After slowly fucking him with one finger I pushed a second into him. He yelled and I just held it there. 

"Okay more love." He gasped.

I slowly worked the second finger into him. He was so tight I had to push real hard. I guess I found his love button, his back arched and he moaned. Brian grabbed his cock and started to jack it along with a few swipes with his tongue. I felt Jerry's ass tightening around my fingers.

"Easy Brian. Don't get him off, I'll never get it in him."

It took a long time before I had three fingers inside his very hot and very tight ass. Brian knew it was almost time to try my cock, he poured a liberal potion of lube on my cock and jacked me. I pulled my fingers out and pushed my cock against Jerry's flexing hole. AS soon as I pushed, Jerry cried out and his cock wilted. I just continued the slow push inside. With a scream from Jerry my head slipped inside. I stopped and waited.

I felt his hole relax just a bit, so I pushed again and my cock just slid into him. I was shocked that it entered so easy. Easy for me, but Jerry screamed so loud I thought the whole dorm would hear. Brian straddled his chest and told Jerry to open his mouth. I watched as Brian fed his whole cock into Jerry's mouth. I pulled back to his anus and then pushed back in. He was so hot and smooth inside my cock felt wonderful inside him. I was surprised when I felt him push against my cock. He forcibly pushed Brian off him.

"Fuck me lover. God fuck me." He panted.
 It was a short fuck, I only made three strokes before my cock fired inside his hole. When I started to pull out he grabbed me.

"Leave it Eddy. Leave it inside me. I want it again."

Brian was standing beside the bed, his hard cock dripping. I turned and sucked it. His sweet sperm blasted into my mouth. That got me almost instantly hard inside Jerry.
"Now Eddy, fuck me." Jerry sighed.

I started slow, but Jerry wanted it faster. For the first time he really was wanting it more and more. I felt the muscles inside his ass working on my cock. That drove me to fuck him harder. Soon I was pounding his virgin ass. God what a feeling, he was so hot inside and so smooth. I loved it. As soon as my second load shot into his ass, my cock wilted. I slowly pulled out of him. As I sat back, Jerry sat up and kissed me. Then he shocked me when he slipped my slimy cock into his mouth.

"You do it for us, now I'll do it for you lover boy."

I leaned over and kissed him, tasted all of me and parts of him.

I sat back as Jerry seemed to savor what was in his mouth.

"Not bad, you do taste good. Now Brian I want you next."

Brian's cock was about the same length as mine but a whole lot thicker. I wasn't sure Jerry was ready for his. Brian never even hesitated.

"Sorry my second love." He said as he shoved his hard cock into Jerry's very tender tight hole.

Jerry hardly had time to yelp, before Brian was balls deep in his ass. I sat down and took Jerry's cock into my mouth as Brian started to drive in and out of Jerry. Jerry only grunted each time Brian was all the way in. Soon Jerry's cock started to get hard. I deep throated it as Brian pounded Jerry's ass.  I think both came together. Jerry's coming tightened his ass around Brian's cock and he blew deep inside Jerry. Brian pulled out and I dropped onto his cock. Tasting him and me plus Jerry caused my cock to erupt, spraying my cum all over Jerry's chest and face. Brian leaned over and licked it all up. We both just sat back as Jerry came down from the high of his first fucks.

"What have I been missing?" He said.

Brian and I watched as he slipped two fingers into his hole. He pulled them out and licked his fingers.

"Damn you both taste good together."

We went into a mutual lip lock. Kissing and sucking each others lips, nose, and ears.

"Thank you my loves, now I am a part of you. I hope we are together forever."

That brought tears to my eyes. I just loved Jerry and Brian that much more. Now we could all fuck each other and know we would always have each other.

We laid down on the bed and cuddled together. This was now a real love triangle, I hoped would last forever.

Jerry finally stood up.

"Got to pee guys."
Brian and I laughed as Jerry walked very bow legged to the bathroom.

"What's so funny?" He asked when he came back.

"You walk like you got a pole up your ass." Brian chuckled.
 "Well it feels like I had a pole up there.  Actually two!"

"Jerry you have the only pole here. Ours are just pencils compared to yours."

"Well Love, you have a very big pencil." He laughed.

Jerry fucked Brian on his back and I fucked Jerry doggy style. Then we changed. That was how it ended up being. We still sucked each other, but as one got fucked the one on the top got fucked by the third guy. It was always a three way fuck. Jerry took to being a bottom with us the same way as he did a top. He came to love a cock up his ass as much as Brain and I did. It also made us more of a team on the field.

As we prepared to head for Dallas, Jerald came up to us.

"Eddy, I apologize to you guys. I guess I was really worried about showing up healthy. It doesn't matter anymore. I saw how you played and didn't care how many times you got hit. I guess I've been a real jerk."
 Dallas had not lost a single game all year and figured we would be another push over. Jerald and I had a long talk with the coach. We decided we would switch in and out almost play to play. Jerald started and ran two plays. I came in and ran one play, short pass for a first down. Jerald came back and got another first down. I went in and fired a long pass for a thirty yard gain. Both our games were different. We used the playbook but added our own twists. It fucked up the Dallas defense totally. We just picked them apart. At the half we were ahead by 13, by the time the game ended the score was 28 to 12. Dallas never knew what hit them. It guaranteed Jerald Smith would have a slot in Dallas with the Cowboys. It also guaranteed my place with Brian and Jerry. We moved into an apartment off campus.

I guess the greatest compliment came from Jerald Smith. He was one hell of a quarterback.

"Eddy, I hate to admit it but you are a hell of a lot better quarterback than me. You keep playing like you are now and you can pick your price and team long before you graduate."

"Thanks Jerald, but all I want is to teach."

"That would be a real lose to football Eddy. Think about it."

"I will, good luck Jerald."
Jerald made good in the NFL and was making in excess of 300 grand before I graduated. He was right, I had offers from no less than seven teams. Both Jerry and Brian had similar offers at not nearly what I had been offered. We were all sitting thinking very close to graduation.

"What are you going to do Eddy? Teach or play?" Jerry asked.

"Well I'd like to do both, but it doesn't matter. Where ever you guys go, I'm going too. I love you both too much to just walk away."

"Eddy, your not thinking of the future."

"Your very wrong. I am thinking of my future. If my future does not include you both, then I don't want it."

"Jesus Eddy. Get real, no one is going to offer a package deal."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well its just not done. No one has ever offered to bring three players together."

"Maybe it's about time they did. We are a team. You're my protection and Brian is my receiver."
 "Not going to happen." Brian laughed.

"Well let’s see. You guys got your offers. I got mine, lets see if one of these teams will accept us as a package deal."

We compared notes and although several offers two of us were together, none had offered all three. I called my agent.

San Francisco had offered both Brian and I spots, but not Jerry. I told my agent I would sign with SF, if they would sign Jerry as well. He told me not much chance but he would put it to them.

Well they did make an offer, but it sucked. Jerry would be a line backer on the third string. In other words he would fill a position if one of the regulars went out on injuries. Sorry not what I wanted. I set up a meeting through my agent with SF brass.

"It's simple, you want me, you get Brian my Receiver and Jerry my protection. Otherwise I'm gone."

"What's so special about Jerry?"
 "He's the best damn offensive guard in the league. Just look at the films. When ever I was in no one touched me and Brian caught every single pass I sent his way. We’re a team. You want me you get all three."

"Or None."

"Jesus, what are you in love with those two guys?"

"Actually I am. We are all lovers."

"We are not hiring three faggots to the team." One of the directors said.

"Thank you Gentlemen I am done here. Have a good season without me."

I got up and headed for the door.

"Wait Eddy. Give me a minute."

"I'll give you thirty seconds. Either you take us all at face value or I'm gone and believe me when I say you lose all of us."

"Just wait please."

San Francisco had not even got to the play offs the last three years. I knew they were looking to turn that around. New blood was what they were looking for. I had a 85% completion rate. Even their number one quarter back had only 55 %. Brian had a 100% completion score. He caught everything that was sent his way. I also knew they had the biggest line backers in the league. They obviously had not looked at Jerry.

Over the four years Jerry had been my lover, he had gained almost 40 pounds. Now at six foot 6 inches and 250 lbs he was a monster. Not an once of fat either. That he worn off in bed with Brian and me. I had seen him hold three guys at bay to give me time. When he was on the field no one ever got close to me.

Well it was more like five minutes until the President stood up.

Okay Eddy. We accept. You'll get 450 grand, Brian will get 300 and Jerry we will start at 300 too. You have to show us how well you work before we can go further."

"I'll talk to my loves."

"Fare enough. Eddy we are not all as homophobic as Clarence."
 "Well just keep him out of my face."

I left and headed back to our apartment.

My agent was ecstatic. Why not he got almost 50 grand.

Brian and Jerry were too.
They both let me fuck them and then I had Jerry inside me as Brian sucked my cock. It was a great night. We reported to training camp a week later. There was no doubt the coaches were impressed with Jerry and Brian. Both were in such perfect shape. They were less impressed with me. Sure I could do a nine second hundred yards and do everything else they asked, but at 5' 11 inches and 180 lbs I was probably the smallest QB they had ever worked with.

That changed when I started to practice hitting receivers. I had the uncanny ability to know exactly where a receiver was and always put the ball almost into his hands. Brian never missed a pass and Jerry held his own against all comers. Being a backup, I sat on the bench and watched SF go down four straight in the preseason. I was not pleased, but the money was real good to sit on my butt.

From my perspective, it looked like every defense was reading our playbook. I went to the head coach as we prepared to head for Dallas.
 I told him what I thought and what we had done against Dallas in our Inter State game. He said he would think on it.

Well Dallas chewed us up. We went down 26-12. San Francisco was starting out the same as they had down the four previous years. We were back in SF and first thing the Coach and Management called a team meeting.

"Okay Townsend, come here and explain exactly what you told me before Dallas."

"From where I was sitting, it looked like Dallas players had a copy of our playbook. They picked every play almost apart. All I'm suggesting is we change it a little. For example, Mike runs two plays, then I come in and run one. They automatically have to adjust to me. Then we add another problem to their defense. We move the receivers to opposite sides. Instead of say Brian going up the right, he goes up the left. The Defensive players that normally covers him is now on the opposite side of the field. Make it so they can't line up right until we come out of the huddle. That will fuck over their defensive posture. Nothing says we can't do the same for the line backers or the half backs. Screw them up. Another thing that most of you don't know is I can throw with both arms. That means it doesn't matter where in the pocket I am."

"You can chuck with both. Fuck I didn't hear that from the scouts."

"What's this play you were talking about? The coach asked.
 I explained my double barrel shotgun play. I also told them I only used it twice during varsity play, so it wasn't well known.

"Wow, you are something else Eddy." Mike said.

Coming from him, that was very real compliment.

"I suggest we don't practice any of the reverse sides. There's bound to be Steelers watching our practices."

"Your right Eddy. Okay any questions?"

"Any reason it wouldn't work on defense too?" The defensive coordinator asked.

"I'm not sure." Was all I said.

The Forty Niners took the next five games easy. I wasn't there to see the last two. During our romp back in Dallas, I was sacked deep and came down on shoulders and head. I lost all feeling in my arms and legs. I had broken a vertebrae. I watched from a hospital bed the last two games. My season and career was over in the NFL. No one was sure I would ever even walk again. The only ones that did were Jerry and Brian. They spent all their free time with me. Pushing me, cajoling me, making me fight, when all I felt like was dying.
 It took almost a year before I started to feel something in my arms and legs. It was another year before I could actually walk a few steps. San Francisco still kept me on contract, at least until the end of it and still continued to pay my medical bills. Getting finally released from hospital was my greatest joy.

It was my third year away from SF, that they finally got to the Semi finals. All they had to do was beat Dallas and they would go to the Super Bowl. That game was held in San Francisco. I was still in a wheelchair, but Jerry and Brian helped me dress. This was one game I was not going to miss.

I was not prepared for what came next.

When I saw the limo, I figured Jerry or Brian had ordered it. My wheelchair was placed in back. When we got to the Stadium, instead of one of the normal entrances I was dropped at the main ramp leading onto the field. A John Deere tractor with a special seat picked me up. I could here the band playing for a while. Jerry and Brian took off to dress for the game and I was left with a couple of security guards. I asked that I be taken to my seat, but they said I was to wait. A few minutes later the President of the Forty Niner organization walked out. He shook my hand.

"Good to see you Eddy."

"I wasn't expecting you Sir."
 "Well we were expecting you." He climbed into the drivers seat and drove to the edge of the field.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and give a warm welcome to the young man who did more for this club than any other in the History of the Forty Niners. Although this young man only played three games he inspired not only his team mates, he inspired all of us who have come to love this club. To honor him and his brief life with the Club, today we will retire his number. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Number Forty Nine, Edward Townsend."

The president drove onto the track surrounding the field. The whole stadium was on their feet. Even the jumbo-tron, had my short career showing, but I didn't see much through my tears. After driving around the track we ended up in the SF area of the field. I don't think I shook so many hands in my entire life. The last two to come up to me were Jerry and Brian. Both kissed me on the cheek.

"This games for you love."

"Give them hell guys."

I wish I could say we won, but it was a real barn burner. Both sides picked apart the defense and the game was almost a record in the most points scored in a single game. The Forty Niners lost by a field goal in the last seconds of the game. It didn't stop their fans and the players from streaming onto the field. I was almost mobbed by both fans and players from Dallas.
 Well I did eventually get back walking and now teach football to high school students. Brian is now working for the NFL as a consultant on injuries. Jerry is Defensive coordinator with the Forty Niners. We have a big house in the suburbs of San Francisco. Sex is still great and we have a love for each other that will never diminish.

The End.

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